Seeking tech savvy public relations practitioners to help explore impact of AI

Seeking tech savvy public relations practitioners to help explore impact of AI

The CIPR #AIinPR panel has crowdsourced a growing list of tools and begun the process of benchmarking a scale of PR tech. Our next job is to determine the impact of tech on skills. Could you help?

The CIPR artificial intelligence is looking for people with knowledge of technology and its application to public relations, to help understand its likely impact on practice.

AI: hype and uncertainty

We want to explore the current capability of technology and plot it against skills in public relations. In particular we’re keen to understand the impact of AI.

AI has become a catch all term to describe technology that engages with people or displays human characteristics. It is contributing to hype and uncertainty around the topic.

It's a sophisticated application of technology whereby a machine demonstrates human cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving.

In February we kicked off a crowdsourcing exercise to build a list of apps and tools that are helping public relations practitioners work smarter and more efficiency.

We’ve published an initial list of 95 tools.

You’ll almost certainly spot tools that we’ve missed. When you do please make a submission via this online form. It’ll take you less than two minutes.

Vendors are welcome to submit their own products. If you think we’ve got something wrong please submit a revision via the form.

We aim to publish an updated list in March.

Mapping tech capability against skills in public relations

Only a handful of the tools in the list of tools utilises AI but the growing level of sophistication is clear.

We’ve started the process of benchmarking a scale of sophistication of technology in public relations.

  1. Technology that simplifies a process or provides a service eg. analytics tool, database or wire service
  2. Social listening and monitoring eg. Brandwatch, and Mention
  3. Automation eg. IFTTT
  4. Machine intelligence applied to structured data eg. Facebook Ad Planner, and Traackr
  5. Machine intelligence applied to unstructured data eg. IQ Bot and Quid

The next job is to map the capability and growing capability of tools against 50 areas of competency in public relations, identified by the Global Alliance.

Please get in touch with me either by email or direct message if you think you be able to help with the analysis. It’ll take approximately an hour of your time, and will make a valuable contribution.

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95 tools to help you work smarter in public relations

95 tools to help you work smarter in public relations