95 tools to help you work smarter in public relations

95 tools to help you work smarter in public relations

The CIPR artificial intelligence (AI) panel has published an initial list of tools collated from its crowdsourced project. You’ll almost certainly discover something to help you work smarter.

It’s three weeks since the CIPR announced a new panel to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on public relations. We’ve adopted the hashtag and moniker #AIinPR.

Our first project is a crowdsourced initiative to create a database of tools. It has its genesis in the #PRstack project from 2014 and 2015.


The open source project has received more than 100 submissions. We’re publishing the first list of 95 tools across more than 20 categories. Inevitably there have been duplicates.

The list includes tools to help you work smarter and more efficiently. I’ve discovered at least half a dozen new ones.

You’ll almost certainly spot tools that we’ve missed. When you do please make a submission via this online form. It’ll take you less than two minutes.

Vendors are welcome to submit their own products. If you think we’ve got something wrong please submit a revision via the form.

We hope to publish a final database by the end of April.

Our second project is an assessment of the impact of technology on practice today and in the future based on the Global Alliance Competency Framework. My thanks to Jean Valin for leading this project.


Google Trends
Search trends and visualisations from Google

Google Scholar
Search engine which indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines


Visualisation of autocomplete results provided by Bing and Google

Facebook Ad Planner
Understand Facebook users by demographic and behaviour

Google Consumer Barometer
Online research and resources which shows how people around the world use the internet

Google Keyword Planner
Tool to get keyword ideas to help build your campaigns

Suite of search engine optimisation (SEO) planning and analytics tools


Clarabridge CX Analytics
Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment and data categorisation

Google Cloud Platform Natural Language API
A text analysing natural language API machine that can be used for social media sentiment analysis

Google Forms
Survey forms for market research

IQ Bot
A cognitive tool which can analyse and make sense of unstructured content, and as it learns fast-track processes for common community issues

Online survey platform for market research

Platform for searching, analysing and visualising social media data

Online survey platform for market research

The R Project for Statistical Computing
Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics

Social media listening and monitoring

Social media listening and monitoring

Social media listening and monitoring

Social media listening platform

Social media listening and analytics

Stakeholder identification and management

Instagram and Twitter network mapping and influencer identification

Content and influencer identification based on keywords

Darzin Stakeholder Management Software
Manages contacts, properties, tasks, complaints and issues. Qualitative analysis, survey tool, and analysis of media content

Influencer selection based on natural language queries

Stakeholder relations tool

Influencer identification and tracking platform

Media and influencer database

Earned influencer relations automation platform. Identify, select, engage with a community of 500,000 micro influencers

Campaign management

All-in-one inbound marketing software with integrated CMS, content tools for lead generation, blogging, social media tools and CRM

Marketing automation platform and an email marketing

Contact and CRM tool with news room, campaign management and personalised mailing system

Scribble Live
Content management platform

Social media platform for managing Twitter accounts


URL shortener, link management and analytics

Shared count
Tracks URLs

Similar Web
Website traffic and analytics

Business intelligence and analytics

Media intelligence and analytics software

Audio content

Open source audio, editing and mixing

Podcast syndication

Audio editing, mixing and publishing

Podcast editing and recording

Written content

Create Harvard, APA, & MLA citations for a bibliography

Writing app that ensures messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and effective

Hemingway App
Tool to help make writing clearer and simpler

Text analyser to simplify written language

Visual content

Graphic design and layout tool for images, graphics and illustrations

Photo editor and image creator

Stock photo

Stock photos

Online photo editor

PNG Mart
Free PNG images with transparent backgrounds

Stock photos

Stock photos

Video content

Video animation

Online video editor

Media relations workflow platforms

Newsroom platform to create press releases, branded newsrooms and manage news distribution

Newsroom platform to create engaging stories, seamlessly distribute to maximize reach and analyse results

Newsroom, distribution and content management

Newsroom platform to create press releases, brand newsrooms and news distribution with analytics

Media distribution

Press release distribution and branded online newsrooms

Online media press release distribution service

ResponseSource Press Release Wire
Press release distribution

Social media management

Social media management platform that automates message distribution on social channels

Missing Lettr
Social media scheduling and automation

Realtime social media monitoring and trend predictions

Sprout Social
Social media management

Media monitoring

Media and social media monitoring

Monitor and measure mentions of an organisation and product on websites and social media

Media monitoring and business intelligence software

Tracking online coverage, share of voice, social shares; and key message check analysis

TV Eyes
Broadcast monitoring tool

Media and social media management

Social media and web monitoring tool

Media monitoring tool providing intelligent reporting and statistics on media mentions

Project management

Project and workflow management

Enterprise group workplace and collaboration tools

Time entry and tracking


Automation tool that enables apps and devices talking to each other

Pega 7 platform
Development platform that allows for rules based applications through a visual programming type interface

Turns unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds you can consume on demand

Crisis planning, simulation and workflow

Comms Matrix
Crisis and stakeholder management

Simulation Deck
Social media crisis simulation and management platform


Reporting tool with automated metrics based on link analysis

Google Analytics
Website analytics tool

Integrated Evaluation Framework
Online tool created by AMEC that enables you to build a measurement framework and record each area of a campaign

Report Mule
Consolidate web research into custom-formatted reports

Media coverage evaluation and analysis

Learning and development

Online learning and development courses


10 Minute Mail
Email account that lasts ten minutes. Useful for signing up for web services and testing

Crowdsourced software recommendations

Down for Everyone or Just Me?
Check whether a website is functioning

Simplify the process of scheduling events, meetings and appointments, with a group of people

Temporary and disposable email service. Useful for signing up for internet services and testing.

Old versions of software applications

Open Library
Open source public library

File transfer application. Free for files up to 2GB

Online file conversation

Definition: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a catch all term to describe technology that engages with people or displays human characteristics. It is contributing to hype and uncertainty around the topic.

AI is a sophisticated application of technology whereby a computer demonstrates human cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving. As such only a handful of the tools outlined in this article utilise AI but the growing level of sophistication is clear.

The Wikipedia community has established a project to build a glossary that describes artificial intelligence.

Scope of CIPR #AIinPR Panel

The CIPR #AIinPR panel was founded in February 2018 to explore the impact of technology including artificial intelligence on public relations and the wider business community. We're aiming to tackle three projects in 2018.

  1. The crowdsourcing exercise described in this article aims to characterise technology and tools that are helping public relations practitioners work smarter and more efficiently. As part of this project we'll aim to develop a definition of AI as it applies to the range of technology in public relations.

  2. A skills framework will seek to estimate the likely impact of artificial intelligence on the public relations workforce. This will map the tools identified in the crowdsourcing exercise against the CIPR State of Profession survey.

  3. A literature and content review will explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the public sphere. We'll produce a discussion paper for practitioners.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who has made submission to the crowdsourcing project so far: Sarah Ion; Richard Howat; Roberto Napolitano; Iliyana Stareva; Anthony Olabode Ayodele; Hagen Gerle; Rayna de Lange; Deb Sharratt; Sara Collinge ; Merve Uluser; Raf Weverbergh; Rob Ashwell; Florian Hohenauer; Shak Rafiq; Matt Ferris; Yudha Ikhsan; Hayley James; Abha Thakor; Jonathan Bean; Lizzie Owen; Everett Martin; Robert Masters; Christine Townsend; Kate Strawson; Jose Bonito; Salvador da Cunha; Olivia Collins; Chris Knoblock; and Ged Carroll.

Thanks also to the CIPR #AIinPR panel for its work on this project: Chris Dolan; Kerry Sheehan; Alastair McCapra; Matt Silver; Sharon O’Dea; Andrew Smith; Maria Loupa; Anne Gregory; Jean Valin; Ben Verinder; and Jon White.

Seeking tech savvy public relations practitioners to help explore impact of AI

Seeking tech savvy public relations practitioners to help explore impact of AI

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Tech in marketing and PR: more than shiny objects searching for problems