Benchmark your measurement approach with AMEC tool

Benchmark your measurement approach with AMEC tool

AMEC has launched a free tool to enable public relations practitioners to benchmark and improve their measurement approach.

The AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper, or M3 for short, is a new tool that benchmarks an organisation’s approach to measurement and makes recommendations for areas of improvement.

“Everyone is at a different stage on the measurement journey. The tool helps an organisation understand how to improve its measurement,” said Carma’s Paul Hender.

“We know measurement is important in public relations but practitioners struggle with practical implementation,” he added.

Hender is one of the architects of the M3 tool along with AMEC members Colin Wheeler, Managing Director, Survey Solutions; Ben Levine, FleishmanHillard Fishburn; Aseem Sood, CEO, Impact Research & Measurement; and Michael Ishmael, Managing Director, 66 Bytes.

The tool is a useful means of education or self-improvement for an individual practitioner or team. It also provides the basis for a consultative discussion between an agency and client, or a public relations team and the areas of an organisation that it serves.

How to use M3

Head to the AMEC website to use the M3 tool. A diagnostic questionnaire is used to benchmark an organisation’s existing measurement approach. It takes around ten minutes to complete.

Analysis is based on a pilot study and AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework. 60 AMEC members contributed data to the initial dataset while the AMEC framework is a best practice approach to measurement. It is also available as a free web-based tool from AMEC.

The M3 report scores an organisation’s approach against reporting, outtakes and outcomes.

  • Reporting: to what degree does the organisation measure communication outputs, out-takes, and outcomes. This is assessed both in terms of channels, metrics, and frequency

  • Planning: how does the organisation approach communications planning, starting with setting objectives and KPIs, conducting research to inform strategy and tactics, and integrating with other disciplines

  • Impact: what methods does an organisation utilise to make relative and causal links between communications and desire organisational results

M3 provides strengths and recommendations for improvement in each area. It also provides benchmarking scores for peers by market, sector, organisation type or size.


All data is anonymised and users have the option to add their information to the dataset to contribute to future benchmarks.


The report provides practical advice for how those organisations can improve their measurement approach.

Demonstrating the Value of Communication ebook

M3 has been launched as part of AMEC’s Measurement Month during November, and annual educational initiative. Alongside events and workshops it has published an e-book called Demonstrating the Value of Communication edited by Jesper Andersen.

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