Thank you PRCA. This one's for my mum

Thank you PRCA. This one's for my mum


The PRCA presented me with an outstanding contribution to digital public relations award at a ceremony in London last night. I've dedicated it to my Mum.

Thanks to the PRCA and the judges for the award for Outstanding Contribution to Digital PR and Communication.

Congratulations to everyone that picked up a gong at the PRCA Digital Awards 2017 especially my former colleague Danny Whatmough and the digital team at Weber Shandwick, winners of digital agency of the year; and the Metropolitan Police, in-house winners.

It was fantastic to see the Met recognised by the PRCA after its exemplary digital emergency response to the Westminster Attacks in London on 22 March.

There's nothing quite so cool as winning an award that you didn't enter.

It goes to show that in the diversity challenged business that is public relations, a northern working class kid with a comprehensive education can make it to the top.

Education and the internet have been my equalisers. In 2017 they're more important than ever.

I've learnt two things working in digital over the past 20 years.

First, be useful. The Cluetrain Manifesto nailed that in 1999.

Second, if faced with the choice either to be a dick, or not to be a dick, choose not to be a dick.

These two strategies will assure you and the organisations that you work for almost guaranteed success in digital.

Behind every successful man there's typically an even more successful woman. Neither my mum nor the Posh Geordie could make it last night but I'm dedicating this award to my mum and I look forward to celebrating with them both soon.

Thank you.

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