Letter from BETT

Letter from BETT

Community teaching and newsjacking tools, Edelman on trust, putting the paid in PESO, a how-to book for 2019, Amazon data driven brands, Instagram marketing offline, and more.
I spent Friday morning at the BETT Show in London with a colleague from Metia. Community based learning and the application of technology in learning were strong themes.
Check out Flipgrid, a free social platform from Microsoft that enables teachers to creates social media communities around lessons and encourage student to share. BETT had an international feel with a notable rise in exhibitors from Asia. There’s a learning and development theme to my letter this week.

🧰 Currents spots white space for conversation and content

Parse.ly added a white space feature to its Currents tool. It provides data and insights about the content that people are consuming around the internet. It tracks 800,000 articles per month, and a billion monthly unique visitors. It’s a useful tool for real time marketing, crisis and newsjacking work. The new tool categorises topics around a story spotlighting noisy issues and white space conversations where there’s opportunity for an organisation to cut through.

ℹ Trust shifts in 2019: Employers lead NGOs, business, media and government

I've had chance to read the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer over weekend. It's a must read for anyone working in PR. There are powerful insights for internal and corporate communication. Edelman suggests that a new contract has emerged between employer and employee. Read my analysis for the #FuturePRoofed community.

💰 How to run PESO campaigns on the main social media platforms

This week I wrote about how-to run ads and promoted content from £1 per day on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s daunting if you haven’t done it before. My tip is to learn by promoting content on a Facebook page or by targeting content on Twitter. The investment is minimal, and you’ll get a good understanding of the relationship between paid and other forms of media.

📖 Help me write a new handbook for 2019

I’m working on a new how-to book for marketing, PR and SEO for 2019. It’s intended as a practical handbook. A recent primer on paid media and this week’s guides to different networks are the basis of a chapter. Please let me know what you think and give me a shout if you're willing to join a peer review panel.

📊 Amazon’s data driven brands

Amazon is a phenomenal data driven organisation. It uses sales analytics as insight to launch own brands. It now sells more that 450 of its own brands or brands that are exclusive to Amazon. The strategy is simple: spot what sells and launch an own brand. This article by Kate Evans on Digital Commerce 360 tells the inside story.

🖼 Instagram marketing, offline: create 'gram locations

Instagram impacts how people chose holiday according to an econsultancy report published this week citing it as a priority ahead of cost. Dan Barker in my Twitter network shared the report and suggested that high street retailers who should create Instagram in-store locations that can be shared. It’s a lesson for anyone working in the space where online meets offline.

👩‍🎤 Celebrities pledge disclosure clean up

Authorities around the world are tightening their grip on influencer marketing disclosure. This week the CMA in the UK announced that it had called out a group of celebs for failing to disclose gifts or sponsorship. The advertising and PR industries should have cleaned this up long ago without the need for the firm hand of government.
This is my third letter of the year. It’s a new thing for 2019. Please let me know what you think and if you’ve any suggestions.

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Where have all the bloggers gone?

Where have all the bloggers gone?

How to run PESO campaigns on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter

How to run PESO campaigns on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter