My public relations community: blogs, communities, newsletters and podcasts

My public relations community: blogs, communities, newsletters and podcasts

A list of user generated public relations media from around my network.


This blog was named as the UK’s top public relations blog last week by Vuelio.

I’ve written before that influence rankings are vanity. Influence is subjective from topic to topic, and network to network. But thanks to Vuelio; it’s lovely to get a virtual gong.

My blog is my primary form of learning and development. It’s the sum of the community with whom I engage across social platforms and the web.

Blogging comes and goes like a fashion. The current vogue is for sharing on Facebook via Instant Article, or long form LinkedIn posts.

In this post I’ve listed some of my primary influences that post and share content frequently across blogs, communities, newsletters and podcasts.

This isn’t an exclusive list. I also use Nuzzel to catch interesting content from my network. Your own networks will almost certainly generate different results. The internet is a conversation.

Whatever your interest or specialism there is likely to be something here to interest you and add to your regular professional development diet.


Ged Caroll – Consumer marketing and technology with a strong Asian influence

Scott Guthrie – Ketchum colleague increasingly writing about influencer marketing. It’s his day job

Bob Hoffman – The original Ad Contrarian and the inspiration for much of my work for The Drum

Gloria Lombardi – Employee engagement, internal communications and social media

Rachel Miller – Internal communications, issues and information for public relations and marketing professionals

Dan Slee – Social media, PR and digital communications in the public sector

Iliyana Stareva – Practical marketing and public relations advice from one of the most driven people that you’ll ever meet on the internet

Sarah Stimson - Advice on how to get on, and get ahead, in public relations

Ross Wigham – Digital and public relations from a leading public sector practitioner

Heather Yaxley – Public relations thinking, connecting ideas, thoughts and comment


Asia Tech Review – Must read insight from Jon Russell, TechCrunch’s Asia correspondent

Battenhall – Monthly social media and communication trends digest

C_oncentrate – Here/Forth shares weekly C-level digital and social insight

Five Things on Friday – James Whatley’s left-field summary of the best of the week’s internet

Imperica - the internet, in a newsletter, every week. Another must read

Only Dead Fish – Weekly summary of digital goings-on from Neil Perkins

Other Valleys – Weekly list by Anjali Ramachandran of creative/technology ideas, sent weekly from outside the US/UK/EU

Euan Semple – Occasional newsletter on management and organisations

The Exponential View – Azeem Azhar on technology, business models, politics, economy and society


Behind the Spin – Online magazine for public relations students and young practitioners hosted by Richard Bailey

CIPR Influence – Weekly summary of aggregated content from the UK’s professional public relations association

Comms2point0 – Online resource for public sector communicators

#FuturePRoof – Essays and discussions about the future of public relations founded by Sarah Hall

Feverbee – A wonderful community about community management and the basis of Rich Millington’s consultancy

Institute for Public Relations – Conversations about research in public relations

Ketchum - My day job, content from around the agency

PR Conversations – Global discussion about public relations with local perspectives

PR Examples – Celebrating the best in public relations and social media marketing, stuntsand campaigns

Spin Sucks – Professional development for marketing and public relations professionals


As Seen on Internet – Ben Foster and Amit Wadehra share the tech news you need to know as well as the most amazing internet

Echo Chamber – Hosted by the Holmes Report’s Arun Sudhaman on international public relations from an agency perspective

MediaGuardian – Interviews, insight and analysis from the Guardian’s media team

The Economist Radio – Audio news and features from The Economist on a variety of topics

This Week on Google - Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and guests talk about the latest Google and other social media and web services

Upvoted by reddit – Learn the story behind the stories that hit the home page of reddit

The UK’s greatest show and tell: Makerfaire UK

The UK’s greatest show and tell: Makerfaire UK

Facebook Live for brands and organisations

Facebook Live for brands and organisations