Updated: 11 Google Chrome plug-ins for marketing and public relations

Updated: 11 Google Chrome plug-ins for marketing and public relations

Browser plug-ins for Google Chrome to improve your workflow.

Chrome browser users are set to benefit from a 25 per cent performance improvement in the next release thanks to improvements in Google’s data compression algorithms.

It will continue Chrome’s steady march in the browser market over the last decade. The Google browser now accounts for 45% of the worldwide desktop market, followed by Internet Explorer and Firefox at 11% each.

Statcounter tracks the data if you want to check it out for yourself.

Google Chrome extensions for marketing and public relations

A key benefit of Chrome is the third-party market of plug-ins. These apps add functionality to the browser and typically link to third party web services. Here's some of my favourites.

#1 Bit.ly

The web shortening tool enables you to shorten links, and share content directly from your browser using a bit.ly account. I use the third-party branded service to share content using my own wadds.co domain. A must have plug-in for any practitioner.

#2 ColourPick Eyedropper

There are numerous apps such as ColourPick that enable you to get the hex colour code of a pixel on a web page. It’s really useful for matching colour palates in presentations.

#3 Coveragebook

An app that pulls URLs directly into the web coverage reporting tool. Coveragebook is a paid-service that enables you to collate metrics and save coverage in a virtual coverage book that can be shared online and offline.

#4 Google Cast

A way to send content from your browser to other devices, typically a television, that is enabled with a £30 Chromecast device. When you’re using Google Cast optimised sites you’ll get options that enable you to use your browser as a remote control.

#5 Grammarly spell checker and grammar checker

An embedded app that checks grammar and spelling as you type. It reduces your browsing experience on slow connections as it calls on a web service every time you type in a dialogue box.

#6 MozBar

Handy tool that enables you to create custom searches, compare link and page metrics, highlight links and keywords, quickly interrogate HTML elements and access other tools from the Moz platform. Another must have tool.

#7 Pablo

Not so much a plug-in as a link to Buffer’s Pablo service for creating images overlaid with typography to work across various Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You upload your own image or use one of Buffer’s 30,000 images.

#8 Sprout Social

I’m a long term user of this social media management platform. A button launches a Sprout Social window to share content with your networks. It’s an integral part of my public relations workflow. Other management platforms such as Buffer offer a similar plug-in.

#9 Awesome Screenshot

Capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads. Must have plug-in for your browser.

#10 Discoverly

Handy networking tool for Cross referencing profiles between Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Rapportive. Useful for influencer or media relations.

#11 Riffle

Simple, yet powerful tool to help characterise a Twitter user. It provides basic usage data but also information to aide engagement, including frequently mentioned hashtags or Twitter accounts.

And there's more

Here's some additional suggestions from my network that you might want to try. Please pitch in if you've got any additional suggestions.

@wadds SimilarWeb, Pocket, Buffer, Email Hunter, WhatFont

— Ian McKee (@imckee) January 27, 2016


@comms2point0 @wadds I'd add Google Tag Assistant, Google Page Analytics and Facebook Pixel Helper to that list ?

— Rob Jefferson (@RobJefferson) January 27, 2016


@wadds Riffle https://t.co/7MNCQkacrw LinkClump https://t.co/XX3g9hg0CU Pocket https://t.co/OEK7nyPBB0 Tag Assistant https://t.co/cN3QFoSW52

— Transmute (@wetransmute) January 27, 2016


@wadds Awesome Screenshot https://t.co/qyET2h7Qmo Pendule (for colours + more) https://t.co/KOQtJuuPI2 Appspector https://t.co/WdJx8prgBR

— Transmute (@wetransmute) January 27, 2016


@wetransmute @wadds I'd also add Boomerang (which helps schedule emails) https://t.co/VdlbbI6Yzz and Discoverly https://t.co/2sZHZngME2

— Charlie Southwell (@charliesaidthat) January 27, 2016


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