#FuturePRoof Podcast: robots to try at home

#FuturePRoof Podcast: robots to try at home

Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington are back. In this show they discuss publicity, books, objectives and jobs for 2019, and robots.

The #FuturePRoof podcast is back after a hiatus last year when work got in the way of recording. In the latest issue we discuss:

Media Show response: PR is more than publicity

The Art of Public Relations is the title of a recent Media Show programme on BBC Radio 4 in which publicity is conflated with public relations. It would be wrong to deny that media relations is part of public relations but our business is so much more. We set the record straight.

Fairy tale of public relations

Sarah published a new #FuturePRoof book at the end of 2018. It’s a bit different from the norm. Once upon a time in PR profiles 21 pioneers who are shaping the role of public relations as a management discipline. It includes academics, practitioners and teachers.

Your 2019 reading list

If you’re looking for inspiration or to further your own professional development this month, here’s a selection of books we’ve read over the holiday break, that we recommend.

Danny Whatmough and Tony Langham’s books are from a new series produced by the PRCA and published by Emerald that provide a rock solid introduction to different aspects of public relations.

CIPR focus on management agenda

Sarah’s year as President of the CIPR has a reached a conclusion. In 2019 as Past President she’ll be developing the relationship with the CBI and Federation for Small Business. She’s also looking to drive public relations onto the agenda for management courses at UK universities.

New year, new job

I’ve joined Metia as the MD in London. We’ve developed some smart tools and processes in insight, content, demand and analytics to deliver business-to-business marketing campaigns at scale with a relentless focus on measurement. More on that in future podcasts. The agency also has offices in Seattle, Austin, and Singapore.

Tips: three robots to try at home

If you want an indication of the potential of robots to replace roles in our profession, load an image of an individual into Remove. It’ll clip the background, a job that would previously require a designer.

There’s a growing third party market of relatively low cost smart devices that integrate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. We’ve starting using WiFi sockets to control lighting and our slow cooker.

Thread.com is our final robot recommendation. It suggests and delivers clothing for men from a range of brands, based on a profile of you. It’s backed up by first rate customer service.

Solving six areas of pain for B2B CMOs: Metia insight report

Solving six areas of pain for B2B CMOs: Metia insight report

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Help support foodbanks and food poverty by starting in your local community