Travelling with baggage

Travelling with baggage

Living out of a suitcase for a week is easy, providing you've got the right suitcase. A review of the GOBAG.

I recently stayed in six difference locations over the course of a week in France and the UK. I travelled as lightly as possible, carrying clothes, toiletries, a computer and cables, camera; and work stuff, in a small suitcase.

This regime took planning, but worked thanks to GOBAG.


I backed GOBAG as a Kickstarter project. It's an incredibly well thought out design, aimed at frequent travellers of all kinds.

The bag is the size of a carry on case accepted by airlines such as British Airways and easyJet. I've used it on both airlines.

GOBAG is an elegant, smart design, optimising the use of space and function.

A toughened zip runs around the perimeter of the bag. It means that you can open the bag on the top, bottom, or either of three sides.


This leads to two other neat features: a toiletry bag and a laptop sleeve.

A clear washbag bag with reinforced zip sticks to either side of the bag with toughened Velcro.


The adjustable laptop sleeve fixes to the top of the bag, also with Velcro. The sides of the sleeve can be adjusted for any size of laptop or tablet, and it slides in and out of the sleeve using a strap.

These two features make passing through airport security straightforward. You can unzip the side of the bag and remove your washbag and laptop in less than ten seconds.

There are numerous compartments in the GOBAG for documents. A4 papers fit in an internal or external compartment and there's a hidden section for travel documents.

Living out of a suitcase takes planning. Think ahead about the clothes that you'll need.

I packed shirts, blue and black jeans, t-shirt, shorts, running gear and a pair of trainers. I typically travel in a jacket and shoes. Socks and underwear filled in the gaps.

There's a penalty of this type of lean travel. You must be prepared to use hotel cleaning services, and buy anything you need en route. I tried mailing dirty laundry home on a travel hacking trip to New York last year. The cost made it ridiculous.

I originally backed the GOBAG because of a feature of the bag that I haven't actually used. An airtight insert enables clothes to be vacuum packed. It's intended to optimise space.

The liner is sealed and deflated using an airbed style pump. It turns out that I don't often have a pump to hand when packing.


All of the seams on the GOBAG are double stitched. There are handles on three of the sides. I tend to use external straps that hook into the top and bottom of the rear of the bag.

I'm on my second GOBAG. I had an issue with the stitching on the anchor points for the rucksack straps on my original bag. GOBAG were good enough to replace it under the warranty.

The GOBAG costs £170 with free shipping to the UK and US. I travel regularly with my GOBAG for work and play. If you're a frequent traveller I've no hesitation in recommending it to you.

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