Much of the Internet is not real

Much of the Internet is not real


Spam comments posted on my blog tell the story of a murky corner of the Internet. I've cut and pasted with minimal editing. I hope you enjoy my excellent writings.

I am not making this up, much.

Do not please make fake even if this make you smile lots.

Much traffic drive on Internet web site and social network not real. This less than positive for your internet web site domain.

Some say as many as 35 people from every 100 not proper. Internet drivers same.

Stop and do not pass go.

Followers on media and networks that are social are easy to pay for. Likes and my favourite too.

Fiverr is a good place for such things I hear. eBay also too.

Hashtags bring people looking for many things in life. Be bold and happy. Move quickly to win.

How much hit over web site would you like today? I can arrange for you too.

Spam comments on blogs also to make backlinks for Google joy. This safe blog web site as much as 800 spam comment per seven day.

Much digital advertisement on big web site never see by people. No point much to pay, or yes?

Why is there also many thousands of SEO builders from faraway places. These are most common.

Robots and lots of clicks also not good. Many more examples you will enjoy too. Make you very happy.

Stare very hard at data to make sure proper. Much is less than not real.

If you like me be more helpful? Call me please.

Enjoy your like and your life.

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Public relations lacks confidence

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