#PRstack book erratum: contributors, formats, index, and reviews

#PRstack book erratum: contributors, formats, index, and reviews


prstack-shareimg-03 This is a summary of reaction to the #PRstack book. We've added an index, further information about the community and additional formats.


The response to the publication of My #PRstack: a practical guide to modern PR tools and workflow has been fantastic.

The book has been downloaded more than 1,200 times. Here’s some of the comment. Please check out the conversation around #PRstack on Twitter for yourself.

“I recommend not only downloading the book, but seeing the #PRstack site." Rachel Miller, AllThingsIC

“It’s a geekier world than that of the spinners of stories and hewers of headlines. But there’s also less bullshit and bollocks. It’s the future of PR rather than its past. This is a must-read book for PR practitioners.” Richard Bailey, BehindTheSpin

"You work in PR? You're not a dinosaur? Read this e-book." Jurgen Thysmans, @jurthys

“My #PRstack feels game-changing because of the spirit of collaboration and generosity in which it has been done, something I feel has become an essential characteristic of the new PR.” Mike Carhart-Harris, UTOPR

“Awesome ebook with tools and resources!” Iliyana Stareva, @IliyanaStareva 


Several people have said that an index of the tools described in the book would be a useful addition.

Here you go.

A AnswerThePublic.com 11 Asana 78

B Bluenod 25 BrandWatch 12 Buffer 61, 69 Buzzsumo 37, 61, 83

C Circloscope 52 CoSchedule 67

D Data.gov.uk 37 DBpedia 37 Datahub 36 Data Portal 37 Data Market 37

E Emotional Marketing Value 68

F Facebook Graph 37 Feedly 49, 61 Fre.sh 37 Flipboard 48 Foter 68

G Google Analytics 83 Google Goals 82 Google Public Data 37 Google Suggest 8 Google Trends 35 Grammarly 69

H Hemingway 40, 69 Hootsuite 29

I IFTTT 45 Import.io 36

J Jolicharts 38

K Kiosk HQ 37

L Lissted 73

M Many Eyes 37 Moz 43 Mozbar 67

N Nomis 18 Nuzzel 73

P Pablo 69 Plotly 38

R Raw 37 Recite 38 ResponseSource 57

S Sniply 61 Sprout Social 70 SurveyMonkey 37

T Topsy 21, 83

U Unsplash 69

W Whatsmyserp 67


Here we're listed the Twitter handles of each of the authors and the page in the book that you’ll find their contribution. Please consider this a further addition to the index.

A Anderson, Matt, @mrmattanderson, 21

B Bayles, Stella, @stellabayles, 43 Blowers, Michael, @michaelblowers, 12 Bruce, Stuart, @stuartbruce, 48

G Guthrie, Scott, @sabguthrie, 52

H Hall, Sarah, @hallmeister, 40

L Leigh, Rich, @richleighpr, 82

P Parker, Adam, @adparker, 73 Preston, Gary, @garydpreston, 8

R Ross, Andrew, @ajmross, 34

S Sawyer, David, @zudepr, 66 Smith, Andrew, @andismit, 61 Soteriou, Kalli, @Cheeky_Kalli, 29

T Tatton-Brown, Max, @maxTB, 78 Tyte, Dan, @dantyte, 57

V Verinder, Ben, @benverinder, 17 Vincx, Frederik, @fritsbits, 4

W Waddington, Stephen, @wadds, 2 Welsh, Angharad, @Welsh_PR, 25 Wigham, Ross, @rosswigham, 70


The community’s goal is the get the #PRstack book and web app into the hands of as many of practitioners as possible. We’ve published it under a Creative Commons licence in the following formats.

We’re investigating the cost of a printed version of the book after multiple requests. Watch this space and in the meantime you're welcome to create your own printed version.


Please continue to let us know what you think. We’re all learning.

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