#BrandAnarchy in 12 tweets

#BrandAnarchy in 12 tweets


#BrandVandals by Steve Earl and myself is a world first – a book with a hashtag as its title – meaning the online conversation and commentary about it can be captured easily; less of a book and more of a conversation. The first half of the book explores examples of deliberate brand sabotage and aims to give readers a glimpse inside the minds of the people who set out to ruin reputations.

The second half looks at how to build better brand defences, how to see around corners and how best to upgrade communications functions to be better prepared.

Here’s a sample chapter to whet your appetite.

At the outset of each chapter we've summarised the content in a single tweet with the aim of kickstarting conversation. Here are the highlights.

Media has become a two-way weapon. Nobody can control it. It’s anarchy. #BrandVandals

Is social media mobilising the angry mob or is it merely an outlet for people who moan and bitch? #BrandVandals

Who are the individuals that are holding organisations to account and how are they doing it? #BrandVandals

There is nowhere to hide for businesses that are anything less than transparent internally or externally. #BrandVandals

We've opportunity to voice opinion yet levels of disillusionment are higher than ever. What's broken? #BrandVandals

How can the ire of brand vandals be turned to a brand’s advantage. #BrandVandals

An early-warning system? For more sophisticated and agile threats, try bigger eyes and bigger ears. #BrandVandals

Make it harder for mud to stick. Keep your reputation shield polished. #BrandVandals

Brand vandals expect to prey on fear. Don’t fuel it for them. #BrandVandals

The qualities and skills of five-star communications teams, and how you can stand tall. #BrandVandals

The perils of being along when the Internet attacks: advocates matter. #BrandVandals

Know thine enemy. Or be at the mercy of the sewer. #BrandVandals

Local media must be invited back into NUFC on equal terms

Local media must be invited back into NUFC on equal terms

Early reviews from the #BrandVandals bookclub

Early reviews from the #BrandVandals bookclub