Endorsements for #BrandVandals

Endorsements for #BrandVandals


#BrandVandals, a new book that I have co-written with Steve Earl, is released in the UK today with other markets to follow. The first half of the book explores examples of deliberate brand sabotage and aims to give readers a glimpse inside the minds of the people who set out to ruin reputations.

The second half looks at how to build better brand defences, how to see around corners and how best to upgrade communications functions to be better prepared.

#BrandVandals is a world first – a book with a hashtag as its title, meaning the online conversation and commentary about it can be captured easily.

Less of a book and more of a conversation. We aim to practise what we preach.

Here is what some of the people that had an early sight of the manuscript had to say. Thanks to them all for taking the time to read the book and provide endorsements.

Francis Ingham Director General, PRCA and Executive Director, ICCO

“Books about marketing and public relations tend to fall into two camps: those that are navel- gazing and worthy, and those written from the front line that offer pragmatic upbeat advice. #BrandVandals definitely falls into the latter camp. If you have any interest whatsoever in brand reputation, and the vandals who threaten it, beg, borrow or steal this book. It should be your public relations bible.”

Andrew Grill Partner, IBM Interactive, IBM, and leading social business blogger

“With their follow up to Brand Anarchy, Stephen Waddington and Steve Earl once again provide sound advice in #BrandVandals about what can happen to your brand, due to social media and exactly what to do. This sort of advice would normally cost thousands, and they have also included multiple real-world examples of #BrandVandals at work. If you work in marketing, public relations or as an executive, this book is required reading.”

Jonathan Prynn, The Evening Standard

“An uncontrolled Internet firestorm can destroy a brand’s reputation in days. This book will give communications teams a fascinating insight in how online attacks, warranted or unfounded, can best be managed.”

Robert Phillips, Cass Business School

“The world is increasingly activist and atomised. Trust is both complex and fragile. Brands are are at risk like never before. There is a Tahrir Square moment waiting to happen for a business or a brand. #BrandVandals grapples with these new truths and tries to make sense of it all... suggesting what might in fact be done.”

Paul Holmes, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, The Holmes Report

“There was a time, relatively recently, when marketers assumed that the brand was defined by all the things they said about their company, its products and services. Today, the brand is defined by all the things other people say, in conversations online and off. #BrandVandals seeks to demystify this intimidating new environment and to examine the opportunities for brands that are prepared to embrace transparency, authenticity and genuine dialogue with their consumers.”

Andrew W. Ellis Founder, Like Minds

“A great follow up to Brand Anarchy, this book should be required reading for every executive in business today. Myriad social platforms and channels allow #BrandVandals to potentially destroy a company and personal reputation overnight, deserved or not. Brands and business should realise they have to engage with their customers and not just continue to blithely broadcast to them. The authors clearly illustrate what can happen if you don't, with key case studies outlining strategies to help manage and contain the inevitable in the hyper-connected, always-on world we all now live and work.”

Alison Clarke, Grayling CEO UK & Ireland and Chairman PRCA

“This book pulls no punches. Brand vandalism is here to stay. Packed with great examples, the authors discuss the importance of effective engagement and the challenge of earning trust, belief and advocacy. A must read for all who value reputation.”

Philip Young, co-author of Online Public Relations, and Project Leader, NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy, Lund University Campus Helsingborg, Sweden

“Hard-talking, streetwise advice from two players who are in the thick of the action every day. Packed with anecdote, insight and analysis, #BrandVandals puts steel into the spine of the communications team. Challenging and inspiring - if you liked Brand Anarchy, you'll love #BrandVandals. Today's communicators need to understand the art of communications and the science of delivery. Punchy, forceful and effective, #BrandVandals is required reading.

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