CIPR Election: #vote4wadds

CIPR Election: #vote4wadds


If you've voted for me in the CIPR election for President for 2014 thank-you. If you are still considering how to vote here's a summary of the issues that I'm standing on. The election closes on Tuesday, 21 May.

I’m standing on a commitment to 10 words and 10 pledges for a future-looking Institute committed to professional development. There are three main strands to the campaign.

Media fragmentation The election has become polarised between change brought on by media fragmentation and the traditional roots of public relations practice.

My view is that public relations has never had such a compelling opportunity to assert its value. We are helping organisations engage with internal and external publics in two-way dialogue.

We work in an editorial environment, listening and creating a narrative to enable organisations to engage with their publics.

Increasingly thanks to developments in measurement and evaluation we can put a number on the value that we deliver to an organisation, making public relations more compelling than ever.

Professional development Many CIPR members will never see the CIPR’s London-base. The CIPR’s strength lies in its members in the nations and regions.

I’m a member of the North East group. I live in Northumberland and work in London and across Europe. I’m proud to have been nominated by members from around the country.

I know personally that my skills, strengthened through professional development at the CIPR - in my case Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Chartered accreditation - have a direct impact on my income and my career success.

That’s a story that we need to tell to both practitioners and employers. As President, I will make sure every member, no matter where they are, gets the value from membership of the CIPR.

Member engagement Throughout this election, I have been staggered by the engagement with both members and non-members. I have been listening carefully and engaging directly. It is a very clear example of how our profession is changing.

What is clear is that addressing how the CIPR continues using social media, will drive member engagement locally, regionally and internationally.

As President I will engage directly with members and industry colleagues through monthly discussions. I’ve proposed Twitter but will use whatever media the majority of members prefer.

I will continue to engage with the profession through writing, speaking and blogging.

Please join with a growing number of members who want to see us embrace change, deliver for members and be the go to organisation for professional communicators.

I’m ready to get cracking. Please make sure that you vote and when you do #vote4wadds.


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