And then there was more: Announcing Share This Too

And then there was more: Announcing Share This Too


In 2010 Philip Sheldrake created a series of workshops called the Social Summer. It was an initiative developed from the CIPR Social Media Panel aimed at exploring different aspects of social media and the opportunity that it presents for public relations practitioners.

Each Thursday evening a group of people get together in London and led by a guest speaker discuss an emerging area of the public relations profession.

It started from a low base, maybe 10 to 20 people, and grew thanks the energy of Philip, Gem Griffiths, and the team at the CIPR, so that now 50 people regularly sign-up, and sessions take place around the UK.

Last year I suggested that we capture the content from the sessions and turn it into an ebook. I wasn’t nearly ambitious enough. Thanks to the drive of the contributors and the support of the Social Media Panel and the CIPR, that became Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals, the book published by Wiley in July.

The practical handbook, endorsed by Lord Sugar and industry experts including David Meerman-Scott, includes insights and practical guidance on how professional communicators can utilise social media, networks and platforms to engage directly in conversation with audiences.

Share This has just passed the 2,000 milestone and continues to sell well. If you haven’t bought a copy ‘Chapter One: An Introduction to Social Networks’ by Katy Howell, is available as a free PDF download.

I am incredibly proud of the project and am grateful to everyone that contributed to both the content and the production.

Such is its success and the breadth of the opportunity that social media presents for the public relations industry, that we’re going to produce a second book that will be published in summer 2013.

There was so much we missed out. Share This Too will build on the themes in the first book, probing deeply into what is current in the theory, delivery and evaluation of 21st century public relations and organisational communication.

Here’s the official announcement.

Wiley is on board and Rob Brown has agreed to co-edit the book. But it won’t happen without the contributions of the individuals that have volunteered to be part of the project, many of whom contributed to Share This.

We’ve assembled a crew of more than 35 of the smartest thinkers and doers in the business to each contribute a chapter including Dominic Burch, Robin Wilson, Simon Sanders, Ged Carroll, Kate Matlock, Adam Parker, Mark Pack, Sharon O’Dea, Paul Fabretti, Michael Litman, Russell Goldsmith, Daljit Bhurji, Stephen Davies, Scott Seaborn, Dan Tyte, Matt Appleby, Kevin Ruck, Hanna Basha, Chris Norton, Becky McMichael, Rachel Miller, Stuart Bruce, Richard Bailey, Jane Wilson, Julio Romo, Jed Hallam, Katy Howell, Gemma Griffiths, Philip Sheldrake, Richard Bagnall, Drew Benvie, Andrew Smith and Simon Collister.

Thank you to them all. You’ll see the results of our work in summer 2013.

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