And there’s more: Brand Anarchy heads for second reprint

And there’s more: Brand Anarchy heads for second reprint


News just in from Bloomsbury. A second reprint of Brand Anarchy is on the presses. Sales remain strong thanks to everyone that continues to buy the book and share their views. Thank you one and all from Steve Earl and myself. “You can’t control reputation. You can only earn it.” That’s a comment from Seth Godin at the start of Chapter 4.

This gives me a cracking opportunity of course to repeat some of our favourite reviews and comments about the book. And our favourite image of a copy of the book on its travels, replete with the original title.

“This is a really good book for anyone involved in journalism, marketing or communications. Unlike so many books on the subject, it is grounded in common sense, properly analytical and supports its propositions with instructive case studies and anecdotes. It's also extremely well written." Tom Otley, Business Traveller

“I agree with a lot of the thesis that these guys have put together. Anarchy obviously is just a word to try to get a bit of attention, but actually, in terms of for the communicator and what it means to have this phenomenal kind of change sweeping through not just the PR industry, but every industry in the world. I think for the communicator it is a really exciting time.” Alastair Campbell (speaking at a Speed event in January 2012)

“Brand Anarchy: This Summer's PR & Social Media 50 Shades of Grey.” Craig McGill

“This is an inspirational text written in a language that people will relate to, students will find compelling and intriguing and PR practitioners like myself will think those bastards have only gone and done it properly.” John Brown

“These guys know of what they speak. They’ve been in the PR frontline for nearly two decades. Both were journalists. Both built and sold a multi-million pound PR firm from scratch. They continue to create and manage communication campaigns for top brands. But as they cogently argue, the speed and complexity of change within the PR and media industries means there is no room whatsoever for complacency – or for anyone to claim they have all the answers.” Andrew Smith

“It does feel like anarchy out there, at least for those weaned on the 20th Century simple life. Actually, it's just complex. The authors strongly suggest you deal with it.” Philip Sheldrake

"For a brisk and engaging account of how online is changing public relations it would be hard to beat Brand Anarchy. Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington know their stuff. They are full of ideas, and thoroughly enjoy rocking the boat, but also manage to stay focused on doing the job clients pay them to do." Philip Young

“In essence the book is a potent look at industrial-scale change in the media and how we can understand and cope with it as a profession.” Ross Wigham

Brand Anarchy: a book that takes the urban sprawl of our current media landscape, flattens it to its foundations and reconstructs it, explaining how and why each structure looks and stands in the way it does.” Peter Hay

“Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington have written a readable and up-to-date account of the challenges and opportunities facing public relations practitioners.” Richard Bailey

“Brand Anarchy is a great book and relevant to anyone working in PR. Its style is very conversational and the authors talk to you in a non-patronising manner as if they were having a chat with you over a cup of coffee which makes it really easy to read.” Russell Goldsmith

“Distilling in just one volume a clear overview of where conventional, digital and owned media now stand in relation to each other, it soon becomes chillingly obvious how the power to drive the conversation is no longer in the hands of corporates or individuals – if indeed it ever was.” Sarah Hall

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