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5 essential PR predictions for 2018
But it’s the brands that capitalise on new and emerging trends which stand to gain the most in the coming months. So, we’ve invited Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington to give his top five predictions for 2018 in this year’s final Cision webinar.

4 December, 2017

Seven podcast for ambitious PR professionals
#FuturePRoof Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington talk on this podcast about the business and opportunity for marketing, public relations and social media. They do this under the roof of the #FuturePRoof brand, which is a (mostly UK based) community meant to support the managers of agencies and communications teams with best practice advice and guidance.

Science for PR
3 December, 2017


Top 10 podcasts all PR pros definitely need to hear
#FuturePRoof is an ambitious project. Its purpose is to explore the opportunity for public relations right now and in the next ten years.

25 September, 2017

Digital PR: Is it getting harder?
“Practitioners need to invest in continuous learning – pushing themselves to learn new things wherever possible.” Stephen Waddington, Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum

21 September, 2017

It's good to talk
“Removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes.” – says Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.

15 September, 2017


A list of email bulletins that help me and I wouldn't be without
Firstly, I’ve signed-up to Stephen Waddington’s blog which is more consistently on the money than anyone else I know. Spin Sucks can be useful. Of course, I’d be lost without the comms2point0 weekly email. The CIPR Conversation brings together bloggers from across the UK PR industry. While this has a private sector leaning there are always things to learn.

25 July 2017


Measurement experts criticize earned media value (EMV) as a worthless metric
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum, calls EMV a new version of Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). PR measurement experts and industry associations dismiss AVEs, which measure the value of earned media by comparing it to advertising of similar size and placement, as an outdated and meaningless metric.
5 July 2017

How to get the media on board to end AVE
It seems to me that the hurdles about AVE are much to do with understanding why AVE is regarded with such disdain by many influential voices in PR and measurement, and why you should use a more credible metric (Stephen Waddington and Katie Paine each have good suggestions).

Neville Hobson
30 June 2017

Friday Wrap #220: Renamed AVEs still suck, trust in newspapers grows, older Americans get social
There’s a new PR metric in town calling itself Earned Media Value (EMV). It’s not new at all, though. It’s just a new name for the reviled Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVE). EMV “is being promoted by tool vendors, media, and public relations agencies as a simple means to measure and benchmark campaigns,” writes Stephen Waddington.

Shel Holtz
30 June 2017

Friday Wrap #219: White House affects perceptions of PR, Instagram crushes Snapchat, and more
Everybody talks about the filter bubbles that divide people online, but the Reuters Institute Digital News Report finds that “users of social media, aggregators, and search engines experience more diversity than non-users,” according to Stephen Waddington.

Shel Holtz
23 June 2017

#4PRQs: the key takeouts from the Four PR Questions series
Another proof that PR pros can write is some of the fantastic blogs that are known in the space. Stephen Waddington’s influential or the insightful blog written by Amanda Coleman are only a few examples of excellence that we can all get inspiration from.

Marcel Klebba
19 June 2017

PR Measurement: to AVE or NOT to AVE?
Oh, and here is another article, about the PESO model by Sabine Raabe. Plus this one, with 30 public relations metrics from Stephen Waddington (a must-read).

Prowly Magazine
14 June 2017


Digital marketing: Why communities – not technologies – are the future
Communities are the future. The bleeding edge of digital marketing is less about technology than how organisations use it to become more social,  believes PR pioneer Stephen Waddington.

Small and medium-sized enterprises
30 May, 2017

15 comms lessons from the Manchester bomb attack
"I was reminded by Stephen Waddington’s post about mental resilience in communications. It’s a timely post that asks people to look after their mental health. In the aftermath of huge stress, I’d hope that the organisations and individuals involved bear this in mind. They’re bright people. I’m sure they will.

29 May, 2017

Mental health in PR
In an interview Stephen Waddington a partner at Ketchum has said “removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes”.

26 May 2016

PR & marketing cope with constant social media change – and expect more
“Public relations like other professions is sleep walking into the issue of artificial intelligence,” wrote Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum, in his blog. “No one has properly characterized its potential impact on our business. This needs to change in 2017.”
19 May, 2019

Who targets you?
the voting influence stories floating around the news cycle(s) or not, this is important work.

James Whatley
12 May, 2017

We must rebrand mental health, and it starts internally…
“Removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes.” - Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.

Tash Cordeaux,
PRCA 11 May, 2017


The courage not to be discouraged
One of my most admired friends has just written movingly about his own experiences with Mental Health over the last few years. I truly admire this man as he is professionally at the top of his game and has the courage to speak, to and in no way be discouraged from, speaking of his struggles. That’s true leadership, inspiration and vulnerability in action.

Women of Wit, Wisdom and Wonder
10 May, 2017

Who targets you? A look at the crowdsourced project set to scrutinise Facebook ads during the general election
The only way to accurately scrutinise how political campaigns are using Facebook advertising is to ask Facebook users to report what they see for themselves. A group of activists called Who Targets Me? is calling on the Electoral Commission to more closely scrutinise the issue, and apply the same level of transparency that applies in other areas of political campaigning.

The Drum
5 May, 2017


'Disastrous response made things worse': UK PR experts lay into United Airlines and its precarious CEO
Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer at Ketchum London, has provide the comment below: "United doesn’t appear to have learnt from the Dave Carroll broken guitar incident eight years ago. Then, a broken guitar launched the YouTube, book and speaking career of a young musician. The lack of trust in the brand has now resulted in one of the biggest and most vitriolic online reactions to a communications crisis ever."

11 April, 2017

Weber Shandwick and Hope&Glory among winners at PRCA Digital Awards
At the inaugural PRCA Digital Awards last night, Weber Shandwick and Hope&Glory won multiple awards, and Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington was recognised in the Outstanding Contribution category.

4 April, 2017


Businesses need long-term PR strategies – CIPR State of the Profession report 2017
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum and visiting professor at Newcastle University, suggests this continuing move to higher professional standards is a reaction to the shifting political landscape and the public’s growing disdain for PR “spin” and misinterpreted “facts”.

Northern Lights PR
20 March 2017

Business Relations: PR and marketing converge
“There’s a turf war taking place between marketing and public relations as digital technologies and social forms of media rampage through organisations,” said Stephen Waddington, a partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.

17 March 2017

It's time we started talking about mental health
In late February, PR Week published a report with some pretty alarming results. According to the 18-page document, produced by CIPR president elect Sarah Hall and Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington, mental illness is either ignored or treated as a performance or line management issue within the PR industry.

Babel PR
16 March 2017

Relações Públicas e o mérito da confiança
“Implementar um monitoramento robusto da mídia on-line e da web social para o nome de sua empresa, marcas e porta-vozes chave”, recomenda Stephen Waddington, sócio e diretor de engajamento da Ketchum, em sua estrutura de relações públicas para combater notícias falsas ou até mesmo haters. Defina limites para quando um falso ataque de notícias é susceptível de afetar o seu público, e preparar um processo sobre a forma de responder, acrescenta.

13 March 2017

#4PRQs for: Stephen Waddington of Ketchum
It took me one lunch with Stephen Waddington to realise the importance of writing and blogging. He didn’t need to persuade me that much — his blog is one of the most influential PR outlets out there.

Marcel Klebba
10 March 2017

Powerbook 2017: Stephen Waddington
The erudite and innovative 'Wadds' has a key role at Ketchum, brought in to the new position in 2015 to lead on integration of the global agency’s digital and social capabilities. The former CIPR president is seen as a moderniser with strong views on the industry’s future.

8 March 2017

PR professionals’ skills and competencies not fit for modern future proof public relations
It is also interesting that the research reveals a clear correlation between learning and earning. Stephen Waddington explains how PR practitioners committed to qualifications and learning and development earn more.

Stuart Bruce
8 March 2017

Why PR should help restore trust in public media and how it can do it “Implement robust monitoring of online media and the social web for your company name, brands and key spokespeople,” recommends Stephen Waddington, partner and Chief engagement officer at Ketchum and a visiting professor at the Newcastle University, in his public relations framework for fighting fake news. Set thresholds for when a fake news attack is likely to impact your publics, and prepare a process on how to respond, he adds.

William Comcowich
7 March 2017


Mental health in PR and comms
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at public relations and marketing agency, Ketchum, and co-author of the #FuturePRoof report, says, “Removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes."

Communicate Magazine
27 February 2017

Mental illness in PR ignored, or treated as performance issue, says new report
A key finding of the 18-page report, produced by CIPR president elect Sarah Hall and Ketchum partner and chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington, is that mental illness is frequently ignored or dealt with as a line-management or performance issue.

24 February 2017

Reading on Thursday 2 February
The Germans really do have a word for everything – Weltschmerz is the feeling of melancholy caused by the reality of the world. This blog post by Stephen Waddington is a crowd-sourced list of lots of different ways to switch off. Find one that works for you and stay healthy.

Brian Mcleish
2 February, 2017


The American Strongman – A Middle East view on Trump’s first 48 hours as President
President Trump and his team are masters at switching attention from one issue to answer. In his blog, the London-based PR professional Stephen Waddington has listed a number of tactics used to divert attention from hard policy issues to softer social issues.

Alex of Arabia's Blog
25 January 2017

FIR Interview: Stephen Waddington on fake news
Much has been written about how to deal with fake news, including one particularly level-headed framework for how PR should address it by Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer at global PR agency Ketchum. In this FIR Interview, Wadds (as he’s known) offers his views on fake news and outlines what PR practitioners need to do to minimize its impact on their clients or employers.

For Immediate Release
20 January, 2017

AMEC Framework – Challenge to “make it an industry standard!”
International PR industry commentator Stephen Waddington had both praise and a challenge for AMEC in his look at Public Relations for 2017. Waddington, Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum writing in his blog, had this to say about AMEC’s new Integrated Evaluation Framework.

19 January 2017

Combatting fake news: the critical role PR must play
Continually monitor brand mentions. Adjust your media monitoring tool to focus on websites known to produce false information. “Implement robust monitoring of online media and the social web for your company name, brands and key spokespeople,” recommends Stephen Waddington, partner and Chief engagement officer at Ketchum and a visiting professor at the Newcastle University, in his public relations framework for fighting fake news.

16 January 2017

Five ways to enhance your public relations activity
The Holmes Report and Spin Sucks, while very different, offer international perspectives, and industry blogs such as, and all host a wide range of industry content that will get you thinking.

Sarah Hall
16 January 2017

How to create video that is relevant, shareable and watchable!
Stephen Waddington, partner at PR firm Ketchum: Social media platforms are promoting video in newsfeeds over text and visual content. “Facebook and Instagram push video content up the newsfeed. Facebook, Twitter via Periscope, and YouTube have all invested heavily in tools for video producers. It’s an opportunity for brands to share own content via their owned channels and networks.

13 January, 2017

PR pros as compelling content providers in 2017
Stephen Waddington touches on how easy it is to get caught in a “media bubble.” Facebook newsfeeds are the number one offense; being that it is based on your network, your “likes” and what or who you follow, you will be served versions of just that. It creates the false illusion that the things you are reading are aligned with your point of view. It is encouraged to go beyond Facebook and explore all sides of any argument or debate.

Bulldog Reporter
11 January, 2017

10 digital and social insights for the year ahead
It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead. At the end of last year we published Trends 17. It’s a view of the year ahead from subject matter experts and our Mindfire network of entrepreneurial students. I’ve dug deeper into digital and social media, and asked colleagues from around the world what we can expect in 2017.

6 January 2017

Companies must prepare for the possibility of a Trump Crisis
Knowing that few companies are safe from a possible Trump disparagement, PR and crisis teams need to add the possibility to their crisis planning. Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington (a former chair of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations) has drafted a PR framework for tackling fake news that also serves as a guide to managing Trump attacks.

Shel Holtz
6 January 2017

Growing pains for PR
“1,600 CIPR members completed CPD last year. That’s around 2% of the 80,000 people that work in the profession,” said Stephen Waddington. Chartered status – much like a proficiency test for journalists or qualifications in law, accountancy and medicine – reflects the breadth of a practitioner’s experience and achievements.

PR Virgin
4 January 2017