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10 best PR blogs you should be reading
With the tagline public relations, marketing and social media thinking and doing, Stephen Waddington gives us just that. With many strings to his bow including being Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, Stephen imparts sage advice and in-depth insights on the many facets of PR.

Fortune Public Relations
16 December 2016

Booze, balls, bollocks, the babe and our boy
Whilst Senior PR people earn well into 6 figures, getting them close to corporate financier / legal eagle levels; at the graduate level there’s a massive disparity of up to £50k. An ex colleague Stephen Waddington had it exactly right where he tweeted recently “enhance perception of value, enhance fees, pay staff more”.

Paddy Blewer
16 December 2016

How could public sector organisations challenge post-truth?
Stephen Waddington has written a tremendous contribution to this debate as a manifesto for public relations in a post truth world. I suggest you read it and let it soak in. This doesn’t have all the answers but the questions it asks are the right ones.

Dan Slee
14 December 2017

A manifesto for public relations in a post-truth world
The UK European Union referendum and US election are a huge wake-up call for the communications trade, writes Stephen Waddington. Purpose, post-truth communication, polling, social capital, diversity, activist leadership and media bubbles mean many of the old ways of engaging the public are no longer fit for purpose.

The Drum
14 December 2017

Christmas reading list
I once won a copy of Stephen's Brand Vandals book at a Like Minds event and he has also kindly participated in the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series I curate. He's also recommended a whole reading list of books published this year, and think the Beano annual he's suggested might be the medicine I need.

Justin Kirby
8 December, 2016

The return of the branded URL shortener
My friend and fellow blogger Stephen Waddington mused back in 2010, had personal URL shorteners become the “geek chic or the social media equivalent of personalised car number plates”?

Andrew Grill
4 December, 2016


Communication goes digital
Beyond the new ways of reaching your audience and getting massive coverage in offline and online media, the digitalization of PR gives us, communications pros, something more – a wide range of intelligent PR software (check this list of favorite 22 PR tools for Spin Sucks by Stephen Waddington) providing customized monitoring and analyses reports, helping with company budgeting, pitch editing and distribution.

25 October, 2016

Can Facebook’s Workplace lead on internal comms?
Ketchum has been named service partner to help organisations plan, implement and manage Workplace. Stephen Waddington, Ketchum’s chief engagement officer, says adoption is a key challenge for these internal comms tools and the main benefit of Facebook’s new app and website will be the familiar environment for employees.

14 October, 2016

Influencer relations: the latest war between marketing and public relations
The battle lines are being drawn for the ownership of influencer relations as both marketing and public relations set out their strategies.

The Drum
7 October, 2016


What I read and how I read it: Iliyana Stareva
Stephen Waddington - he's "discovered" in the UK and among PR people, but his knowledge and writing expands into more than that.

Inbound, the blog
22 September, 2016

Snapchat and what it offers communicators
While much has been written on Snapchat, on how to use it, as well as how Snapchat compares to other products such as Instagram, I wanted to share different ideas on how to reach an audience via the hottest social media channel for youth in the Middle East region.

Alex of Arabia's Blog
22 September, 2016

Holmes Report EMEA Innovator 25: Stephen Waddington
Our second Innovator 25 class in EMEA again provides a unique glimpse of our industry’s future, shining the light on those individuals who are reshaping influence and engagement in an era of dramatic marketing and communications disruption.

Holmes Report
12 September, 2016

PR must assert itself as a management discipline, says #FuturePRoof volume two In the book, Ketchum partner and chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington argues that PR can only "realise its full potential as a management discipline" when it works more closely with the academic community, in particular through the industry giving academics greater profile and improving alumni networks for universities with PR courses.

7 September, 2016

Creating mental wealth: The importance of finding a job you love doing
Not for the first time, I'd been inspired by my fellow The Drum opinion writer Stephen Waddington who'd penned a considered piece about our industry being always on.

The Drum
7 September, 2016

Three steps to personal social media success for CMOs
If you believe, as I do, that the future of organisational communication is social, then, as a business leader, you need to become confident and conversant in the social web.
2 September, 2016


EU, me and the social media filter bubble
Social media called the result of the EU referendum correctly but like many people I wasn't looking hard enough.

The Drum
23 August, 2016


Email is slowly dying. No, really it is
A story about cake and internal agency communication. Technology is easy, changing behaviour is much harder.

The Drum
26 July, 2016

35 Twitter accounts every PR pro needs to follow 18. Stephen Waddington, @wadds Partner, Chief Engagement Officer at @KetchumPR. Visiting Professor at @UniofNewcastle. Past President at @CIPR_UK. #brandvandals & #PRstack author. What you can be sure of, is he understands how the media landscape works online and offline and champions best practice as a writer, conference speaker and award-winning blogger. He writes and posts a lot about PR tools and PR measurement.

26 July, 2016

Eight tools to fix the gap between PR theory and practice A workshop at BledCom has seen the publication of a toolkit aimed at improving cooperation between theory and practice in public relations. BledCom is an international public relations research symposium that takes place in Bled, Slovenia each year in July.

Institute for Public Relations
18 July, 2016


What impact will Brexit have on digital businesses and marketers?
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum, was among those who felt it was too soon to speculate on the economic implications of Brexit.

27 June 2016

5 Dangerous myths about influencer marketing – busted!
Busted: “The notion that you can buy influencers like media is dangerous. It’s a relationship business, not real estate.” Stephen Waddington – Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum

Top Rank Blog
20 June 2016

The deep work habits of 28 highly productive people
“I work hard to limit my time on social media. I’m trying to shift my workflow away from continuously grazing email and social media, so I use the phone more, I check links on Feedly and Nuzzel once a day, and communities to manage projects,” Stephen Waddington.

David Sawyer
7 June 2016

Global body of knowledge - an important but herculean task
Stephen Waddington in his characteristic direct way goes to the heart of the issue in his recent blog. “Less than 3% of public relations practitioners participate in a credentialing scheme. It’s an issue that needs urgent attention.”

Cornelius Alexander
6 June 2016


10 blogs worth checking out
Stephen Waddington is a partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum with a wealth of experience under his belt. His blog is clean, fresh and clear with blogposts for all levels of PR people. So if you have some time on your hands, I suggest you have a quick read with what’s trending and going on in the industry by visiting his blog and gaining exclusive insight from the man who once was President of CIPR in 2014.

My PR journey
18 May 2016

A community of practice for Scottish lobbyists Stephen Waddington has written about his foray into the emerging world of community of practice in public relations. His experience is of a very wide engagement using social media tools like Facebook public discussion groups. He has drawn a number of conclusions for the profession to address: a mix of macro and micro issues.

16 May 2016


Public relations has a problem with gender
Bridgen has broken the link between gender equality and family. She’s shown the root of cause of inequality to be an issue with the profession itself. It’s an issue that won’t be tackled with a single solution. Pay transparency, equal representation, agile working, communities, the nature of work itself and the reputation of the profession, are all part of the answer.

The Drum
10 May 2016

PR the Future, We are the Future
Keynote speakers Stephen Waddington, Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum PR and Farzana Baduel, Managing Director and Founder of Curzon PR were welcomed on stage as well as industry practitioners and academics to contribute their thoughts.

Behind the Spin
4 May 2016


PR is modernising rapidly but business models must keep up
The findings of the #FuturePRoof project reveal an innovative UK PR industry in rude health, but billing models may have to change to keep clients happy.

29 April, 2016

The internet is growing up
Internet publishers are going above and beyond the law to protect consumers from indecency and defamation.

Northumberland Gazette
23 April, 2016

50 UK Female PR Bloggers
Earlier this week Vuelio published their annual ‘Top 10 UK PR blogs list‘. It’s a great list – I read the vast majority of the blogs on it (although one was completely new to me which is always exciting to find). Stephen Waddington and Neville Hobson top that list – and both are brilliant bloggers so it’s well deserved, but in an industry dominated by women, I was staggered that not a single one of the ten was female.

Sarah Stimson
18 April, 2016

Vuelio’s top UK PR blogs 2016
The number 1 slot is now occupied by Stephen Waddington, displacing yours truly (that’s me) from that position after four consecutive years. I’m now in the number 2 position that had been held by Wadds for much of that period.

Neville Hobson
17 April, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Michael White
There are resources like the PR stack project run by Stephen Waddington and the #futureproof project, which is being run by Sarah Hall, and they are both great examples of PR professionals putting their competitive differences to one side and coming together with all their knowledge and experience to actually work for the better of the industry.

14 April, 2016

PR Blogs UK top 10 With an in-depth understanding of the media and communications landscape, Stephen Waddington’s PR blog provides the best industry news and analysis of current trends. Stephen is currently a partner and the chief engagement officer at PR agency Ketchum. He is also the co-author of #BrandVandals and Brand Anarchy: Managing Corporate Reputation.

13 April, 2016

Why it's good business for influencer marketing to embrace disclosure rules
Ketchum colleague, Stephen Waddington, has written about how the CMA is placing sponsors under closer scrutiny in a post UK government agency spotlights disclosure in online ads and sponsored content.

Scott Guthrie
12 April 2016

Professions and professionalism
Stephen Waddington, who used to do public relations for me when I was living and working in Europe, has just written a piece about professionalism and professional status for The Drum, in which he argues that there are five tests for a profession: barrier to entry, community of practice, body of knowledge, ethical framework, and continuous professional development.

Tim Barnes
April 2016

The Internet marketing workshop
A very smart and almost sickeningly selfless offering from Stephen Waddington of Ketchum, looking at how to use a host of free digital tools for campaign planning. The sort of ACTUALLY PRACTICALLY USEFUL stuff that you rarely see round here, so take the time to look through it as it’s very helpful indeed.

Web Curios
8 April 2016

So you think you’re a marketing or public relations professional? Think again
Marketing and public relations can have qualities of professionalism but they’re a long way from being professions, writes Stephen Waddington.

The Drum
7 April 2016

Media relations – not as you’d maybe know it
Stephen Waddington, Ketchum’s Chief Engagement Officer blogged only today about a UK government agency investigating disclosures of online ads and sponsored content. Apparently this is the third online marketing case investigated by the UK Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) in recent months.

Aura 7
April 2016


10 years on, is Twitter still relevant?
Despite its many benefits, Waddington believes that in order for Twitter to play a significant role in PR and marketing it will need to change the way it operates. Twitter needs to become a sustainable business. It is innovating hard but there’s an irreconcilable conflict between the value it offers its users to build relationships and their own community, and the commercial value it had as an ad platform. My hunch is that it will likely be acquired by Apple, Facebook or Google.

22 March, 2016

PR Careers Event – 6 things I learned
PR professionals never stop learning. Professional development is key and without it, you’ll appear short-sighted. Don’t believe me? Ask Stephen Waddington.

Olga Diana
13 March 2016

Where social, digital and mobile are headed to in 2016
Facebook is very big in the UK. Now I know what you mean, Stephen Waddington, and I understand your fascination with it.

Iliyana's Blog
14 March 2016

"Peak content" should act as a call to arms on content marketing - make it count
As my former colleague Stephen Waddington says; “There’s enough crap on the Internet already, don’t add to it.”

Silvester & Finch
10 March 2016

On PR influence and authority
Who’s more influential: PR theorist Professor Emeritus James Grunig, with 151 followers on Twitter, or former CIPR president Stephen Waddington with 18,262?

PR Academy
9 March 2016

What is modern Public Relations? 15 definitions from experienced PR practioners
Public relations is the practice of understanding the purpose of an organisation and its relationships within society. It is the planned and sustained activity of engagement between these two parties to influence behaviour change, and build mutual understanding and trust.

Prowly Magazine
7 March 2016


45 life lessons at 45 – Stephen Waddington
45 was a tricky age for me – and the research shows that it is often the low point in peoples’ lives.  Stephen Waddington wrote a great blog post on the subject that attracted a lot of comment, so I wanted to catch up with him and hear his own midlife story.  Stephen is a PR executive juggling all the usual midlife demands – work, family, illness – and he is very candid about the challenges in his own life and how he has coped with them.

Midlife Men
18 February 2016

Public relations - not as you'd know it Stephen Waddington’s post about The Independent’s digital-only move, states eight points about the future of news media. It lays out the whats and the whys.

Laura Sutherland
15 February 2016

What is PR? The professionals edition Public relations is the practice of understanding the purpose of an organisation and its relationships within society. It is the planned and sustained activity of engagement. It is a two-way process by which an organisation communicates with its publics, and vice versa.

Arianne Williams, PR Professional in Training
15 February 2016

Want your agency to give you training? Then know your learning and development goals first
How are you planning to develop your skills over the next 12 months, and how can your organisation help?

The Drum
9 February 2016

Glassdoor takes clear aim at LinkedIn Stephen Waddington, editor of Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals, says Glassdoor still feels more single-purposed than LinkedIn. But he adds it is a plaform that people "have started to take very seriously in [the last] 12 months".

The Financial Times
4 February 2016


Metrics, goals and a January epiphany
This weekend, I’ve had a sort of epiphany. It is January after all, so no better time! I read a piece on Friday night about social media and PR metrics in 2016 by the guru of all things both, Stephen Waddington. Regardless of whether you read on from here, you really should read the post!

Keith Lewis
25 January 2015

See beyond your age: 26 life lessons at age 26 So in a similar style as Stephen Waddington’s wise observations from middle-age, I’ve contributed some of my own life lessons below. Broadly categorised into the main things that matter in life; purpose, relationships, career, learning, approaching life.

Michael White
24 January 2016

Marketing and PR's 'always on' culture is a mental health issue
In marketing and PR there’s no longer a clear distinction between work and play, day and night.

The Drum
22 January 2016

Simply biased?
A recent article by Stephen Waddington Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum PR asked a variety of women about the issue of representation. In relation to a crowdsourced ebook project he says. “Only a quarter of the contributions are from women. This is despite me personally asking female friends, colleagues, and friends of friends, to contribute. It reflects the difference between men and women participating at industry events, blogging, and commenting in the media. But what can we do about it?”

Simply Communicate
22 January 2016

29 advanced digital newsletters that help you learn Stephen Waddington
Prodigious. Agenda-setting. A must-read for any UK PR. I know two guys who put out quality blog posts every two days. Neil Patel and Stephen Waddington. In and around doing lots of other stuff. Makes me tired even thinking about this bloke’s work ethic.

Zude PR
21 January 2016

30 experts predict top PR trends & changes that will define 2016
Much of the public relations business runs on Post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets. There are tools to optimise every area of workflow from listing and planning, to content and relationship management.

18 January 2016

FIR #18: PR earn a C- for channels and measurement
We look at Stephen Waddington’s Slideshare deck that offers 16 ways PR needs to change in 2016 (including “stop posting crap on the Web”).

For Immediate Release
18 January 2016

Predictions for the year ahead from comms professionals
Collaboration is the new normal, navigating 'moments of truth' and Pigs, lipstick and authenticity - predictions from Post*Shift, Tesco and Ketchum

Simply Communicate
8 January 2016

Listen up marketing folk. I need to LEI something on the line for you
I read some very wise words this morning from the ever insightful Stephen Waddington, who released his 16 trends for 2016.

The Drum
7 January 2016

Are you ready for Brand Vandals?
Internet-fuelled media is a game-changer for brand communications. You’re no longer in control – in fact, you never have been. Are you ready? I doubt it.

Brand Quarterly
4 January 2016