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Nigella Lawson should not be too worried about her career - she has all the ingredients for a comeback
"The story of Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi has played out as a pantomime at Isleworth Crown Court in London. Nigella needn’t be too worried about her future career. There’s a well-known recipe to restore her fortunes."

Daily Mirror
2o December 2013

Stephen Waddington - the digital vandal
"My job is to make myself redundant." With that Waddington meant that social should be the norm. We should not talk about it in terms of vandalism anymore, but see it as something that nicely integrates with our natural way of living and working.

Simply Communicate
20 December 2013

NEMO Conference 2013 Stephen Waddington #BrandVandals

NEMO Campus Helsingborg
19 December 2013

2013 Review: Top 10 Quotes
“If you fuck up, you know about it, but if you set a clear plan and strategy and deliver upon it, it’s good.” Ketchum EMEA digital director Stephen Waddington breaks down the management style of his boss, CEO David Gallagher.

Holmes Report
19 December 2013

'Brand Vandals' by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington
"Most of all – and this is not surprising given their professions – Earl and Waddington call for brands to hire strong PR managers who can intervene at the highest levels to stop the company doing stupid, brand-damaging things in the first place. These communications professionals – like the strong-jawed fictional heroes of action thrillers – need to be creative geniuses with the diplomacy of Henry Kissinger and courage to face the full force of a social media broadside, armed with nothing but a little charm and humour."

Financial Times
11 December 2013

CIPR unveils best practice guide for social media campaigns
Stephen Waddington, CIPR president 2014 and chair of the CIPR Social Media Panel, said: “This updated guidance from the CIPR is timely in the week that the UK Attorney General highlighted some of legal issues relating to social media usage. The document from the CIPR complements the Code of Conduct and provides pragmatic advice for practitioners related to the burgeoning area of social media.”

The Drum
6 December 2013


Government digi comms reviewed
The CIPR has welcomed the report. On his blog, Stephen Waddington, CIPR president-elect and digital and social media director at Ketchum, said the review was "a bold piece of work that contains lessons for both the public and private sector.

15 November 2013

Independent review of Govt's digital comms finds "pervasive lack of trust in staff"
"CIPR president-elect Stephen Waddington said that while the findings of the report were not surprising and would have been the same for any large organisation or business, the review was bold in its recommendations."

15 November 2013

Beating the Brand Vandals
"As the rise of brand vandalism becomes a way of life, a new book by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington teaches brands how to polish their reputational shield and be battle-ready in 90 days."

4 Novembers 2013


7 ways to use Wikipedia like it’s meant to be used "But the key thing to remember is Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It is not a media-publishing house nor is it an online business directory. It is a community of enthusiasts who are contributing to an open wiki because they feel passionate about a subject."

Tech City News
23 October 2013

New Wikipedia editing furore provokes ire of CIPR CIPR president-elect Stephen Waddington hits out after reports of Wikipedia abuse by US PR company. Waddington said: "There is zero gain to be had for any public relations firms or their clients in subverting the rules of any online community."

22 October 2013

The PR Podcast with Stephen Waddington
"Yesterday British Gas was subjected to the full force of Twitter, after the firm hiked prices. Here, I talk to Stephen Waddington, co-author of a new book, Brand Vandals, on what PR teams can do to deal with the growth of online criticism."

The PR Podcast
18 October 2013

Joined-up public relations
"Who are the experts in joined-up public relations? I’m sure there are many, but the following four people stand out for me because they’re not only doing it – they’re regularly sharing insights with the rest of us in books, blogs and talks.

"Stephen Waddington (@wadds). He’s co-authored or edited four books in the past two years, which would be a prodigious output for a research-focused academic, but is an astonishing one for a family man who’s a full-time PR consultancy director who has also been elected as CIPR president for 2014.

PR Studies
13 October 2013

The fight for social media control
"Stephen Waddington, author of Brand Anarchy, puts it in strident terms. In the area of social media, he states, ‘there’s a turf war taking place between advertising and public relations. And it is a war. The battle lines are being drawn by media change and audience consumption and the positions that advertising, public relations and digital assert.’"

11 October 2013


El futuro de las relaciones públicas
"Resulta muy difícil valorar la cantidad de mensajes de comunicación y marketing a los que se expone diariamente un consumidor medio en Europa; podríamos hablar fácilmente de cientos de ellos. Lo único seguro es que, como las redes sociales ofrecen a los consumidores una exposición mayor y más directa a las marcas, esta cifra seguirá aumentando."

Top Comunicacion
12 September 2013


#PR – Ask the experts: Stephen Waddington AKA @Wadds, CIPR President-Elect & European digital and social media director at Ketchum
"The next person to take part in one of my #PR – Ask the experts interview is Stephen Waddington.  I have only met Wadds once which is quite unbelievable because I have known him for close to six years through his generosity on his blog and Twitter. He has always been a strong voice for our industry and I am pleased to say that he has decided to take this to the next level by becoming the president-elect for the CIPR."

Paul Stallard's blog
21 August 2013


Rethinking the connected marketing future - part five
“Social media, like other digital marketing activities, generates massive amounts of data. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of measuring things for the sake of it. The only real way of determining the value of your investment is to measure outcomes. Everything else is a proxy at best. Organizations such as AMEC with its Social Media Valid Framework and Google with its Zero Moment of Truth are doing some good work in this area and helping us grow-up.”

Out Social Times
4 July 2013

Stephen Waddington: The £1bn opportunity that PR missed
There’s no mistaking Stephen Waddington’s passion for new media. As Digital and Social Media Director of Ketchum Europe, President Elect of the CIPR, acclaimed author and blogger, he spends his life banging the drum for digital PR...and with good reason.

The Works
4 July 2013

Rethinking the connected marketing future – part four
“The best way to build a reputation is to earn it. If your product or service doesn’t meet expectations, your customers are almost certainly already criticising it online. This is the story of Brand Anarchy."

Out Social Times
4 July 2013

Social Media, PR and Brand Watching
Stephen Waddington and Giles Palmer give us an insight into how you find out what people really think of your brand and how social media can help you get elected to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

The Social Media Show
1 July 2013


CIPR Members vote Chartered Practitioner Stephen Waddington to be 2014 President

Who owns social media communication in a crisis?
“Prior to 2000, a crisis communication situation was led by broadcast; either radio or television news. It had both the audience and the air time to play out a story in real time. Newsprint, with its 24-hour cycle, followed with deeper analysis. In 2013, people at the scene share the news loaded with their own comment and opinion."

PR Moment India
17 May 2013

Speaking up for the public relations profession
"The public relations professional has the most potent proposition for organisations. We work in an editorial environment, listening and creating a narrative to enable organisations to build their reputation by earning attention, rather than buying it."

6 May 2013


In conversation with Neville Hobson Neville talks with Stephen Waddington about the Associated Press’ Twitter account hack and the implications for trust and security, should British politicians take notes from Barack Obama’s campaign team?, and Stephen’s perspectives on the international challenges for the PR profession.

For Immediate Release
29 April 2013

How is the skill set for PR changing "The core facets of a good PR professional, such as planning and measurement, still need to be maintained. Yet as new technology continues to come into light, he feels PROs need to recognise that the emergence of digital opportunities and that they need to consider this when it comes to creating engaging campaigns."

PR Moment
19 April 2013

Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison’s last great campaign Emily Wilding Davison was a suffragette who died almost a hundred years ago when she fell under King George V’s horse at the Derby. Historians have debated Davison’s motivation for running out in front of a high profile horse race. My view is that she was a brilliant and brave public relations strategist and campaigner.

18 April 2013

CIPR Election: Two candidates go head-to-head Stephen Waddington and Dr Jon White are standing to be elected as the next CIPR president. Waddington is European digital and social media director for PR firm Ketchum and is co-author of Brand Anarchy: Managing Corporate Reputation. Dr Jon White is a consultant in management and organisation development, public affairs, public relations and corporate communications management, and has worked in public and private sector organisations around the world.

PR Moment
12 April 2013

CIPR President: The Inside Story "Our industry faces two critical challenges: getting to grips with media fragmentation, and shifting from a craft to a profession. I’ve developed ten action-led words and pledges as the heart of my campaign to tackle these two issues head-on. The CIPR is addressing the first issue of media fragmentation via the Social Media Panel, training, and initiatives such as Share This, and we’re making good progress on professionalism with the new membership structure and by putting qualifications and training at the core of the CIPR’s proposition."

All Things IC (Rachel Miller)
8 April 2013

AMEC summit must take measurement message industry-wide
"The delegates in Madrid are likely to be amongst the foremost experts in the world on public relations evaluation and measurement. The challenge for AMEC is to ensure that the content and discussions from the summit reverberate around the world."

International association of measurement and evaluation of communication (AMEC)
8 April 2013


60 Seconds with Stephen Waddington "What changes would you like to see happen in the PR industry over the next five years? There are two big challenges we face as an industry. Shifting our mind set to engage with audiences in a two-way relationship across all forms of media and improving the reputation of the industry via professional development. There are no easy answers or short cuts and both will take time."

Prospect Resourcing
19 March 2013

Blazing trails in digital
At the agency, Guthkelch will work with Stephen Waddington, European digital and social director. “Ketchum in their own right are amazing and Stephen has a fantastic reputation in the digital space. I’m really looking forward to working with him. It’s a perfect combo,” she adds.

Communicate Magazine
15 March 2013

How the “public” is being put back into PR
"Stephen Waddington, European digital and social media director at PR firm Ketchum, describes how the rise of mass media in the 1950s, and its ability to provide a shortcut to mass audiences, brought about a fundamental change in style of organisational communications. Public relations needed to focus on getting content in the mass media. But it’s all change now."

PR Moment
14 March 2013

Public relations is on the march
"Social media is no longer a specialism within public relations. It is public relations. New start-ups are coming to market with disruptive models and large networks are modernising their service model. Communication and public relations teams are reskilling and adding new talent."

PRWeek Blog
8 March 2013

CIPR appoints Stephen Waddington to chair social media panel
"The CIPR has announced the appointment of Stephen Waddington, European digital and social media director at Ketchum, as the chair of its social media panel."

The Drum
6 March 2013


CIPR CEO to step down
"Jane will leave the CIPR in great shape. It is unrecognisable from the organisation of old," Stephen Waddington, member of the CIPR council, says. "She's done a superb job reorganising membership to align with the market and promoting professionalism in the PR industry. Her legacy will be the CIPR's leadership in areas such as internal comms, social and public affairs."

Communicate Magazine
27 February 2013

Elementary my dear Watson
“We debate our vision and purpose while other industries crack on and reinvent the future. It demonstrates a lack of confidence in our value. That’s where the real need for change lies.”

PR Moment
25 February 2013

Google+ is an untapped PR opportunity for brands
Why is Google+ seemingly so quiet? That’s the question that everyone was asking at a CIPR Social Media workshop that I ran this week. 500 million people have signed up to Google+ according to stats published by the search giant in December 2012, and 235 million are actively using the social network.

PRWeek Blog
23 February 2013

Confidence Man
Two months into his Ketchum tenure, the Holmes Report finds Waddington in effusive form about "big brands and proper budgets", dismissing any notion of 'channel fatigue' among clients in typically forthright manner. However, Waddington remains unmistakably concerned about the PR industry's digital prospects, noting in a recent blogpost that a lack of confidence has seen it lose ground in the "turf war" against advertising and digital agencies.

Holmes Report
4 February 2013

January 2013

Flacks Week
Ex-Speed MDs and longtime chums Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington are collaborating on a follow-up to their book Brand Anarchy. All together now, ahhh ...

11 January 2013