#FuturePRoof podcast: breaking and making stuff

#FuturePRoof podcast: breaking and making stuff

In this #FuturePRoof podcast we discuss abuse on social media, diversity, Storify’s closure, Time’s person of the year, #AIinPR and our goals for 2018.

Sarah Hall and I recorded the December edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast on 18 December. This is the run down.

Sleeping Beauty

Sarah called out misogyny in a fairy tale on Twitter. The story was monstered by mainstream and social media. Abuse on Twitter was especially nasty. More than 3,000 comments called out almost every aspect of her life.

It’s among the issues that Sarah will discuss with Ralf Little at a CIPR event in January. They’ll also discuss whether it’s appropriate for those with social media influence to speak out. Little is renowned for calling out politicians on Twitter, most recently Jeremy Hunt.

The silence breakers

Person of the Year is an annual feature of the US magazine Time that profiles a person who for better or worse has done the most to influence the events of the year. Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Ebola fighters, Pope Francis and Barrack Obama have all made the front cover.

This year Time has named the silence breakers as its person of the year. These are the men and women that have spoken out on sexual harassment and assault. It’s a powerful moment in time.

Future is female

There’s an energy in public relations unlike ever before to address issues of gender and ethnic diversity. New senior appointments at Ketchum and Weber Shandwick are all female. Sarah called this out as a turning point for public relations in 2017.

Lessons from Storify’s closure

Storify is closing following its acquisition in 2013. There’s an important lesson for professional communicators. Build your own website, blog, image platform and newsroom. Avoid using rented services for these critical functions and if you do, ensure that you have the ability to export your content and host it elsewhere. Where possible limit the use of third party services to amplify and share your content. You can follow your community to any new channels but you need to be able to take your content with you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public relations

I’m organising a get together in London in January to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence in public relations. It’s an issue that I called out in my #PRin2018 review. AI is impacting our workflow and the media we use as part of our work.

The January meetup follows a recent discussion between Adam Parker, Andrew Smith, Sarah and myself. I’ve been tagging relevant conversations on Twitter using the hashtag #AIinPR and have pitched a paper to the World PR Forum. Let me know if you’d like to get involved.

New Year's Resolutions

We don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. Every day is a school day in the Hall and Waddington household. But I’ve just rebuilt my blog and plan to write more long form content next year. I’ve also got two new books underway.

Sarah will take on the role of CIPR President from January. It corresponds with the organisation's 70th anniversary. She was elected in 2016 on a change mandate. It’s an issue that we’ll almost certainly return to in future podcasts.

Thank you to the #FuturePRoof community

Thanks for listening to the #FuturePRoof podcast. The podcast is now carried by iTunes and Spotify. We’re still finding our way but recent recognition from Jo Detavernier at Science for PR and Katy Howell at Immediate Future is much appreciated.

#FuturePRoof is a community founded by Sarah Hall to assert the value of public relations. It has produced two crowdsourced books. A third is in the works for 2018 aimed at celebrating communications in the NHS.

Have a great break. We’ll be back in January 2018.

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