25 ideas for your next blog post

25 ideas for your next blog post

Blogging needn’t be a slog. It’s one of my favourite forms of media, and is a fantastic means of learning and sharing ideas.

All the content that I post on my blog is motivated by personal interest.

The question I’m most frequently asked is how I come up with ideas. I write almost every day. It’s a habit formed as a journalist.

A nose for stories helps but mostly it’s an exercise in thinking out loud and sharing ideas. Engagement with media, prospects and potential hires are also factors.

Here are 25 ideas and examples for your next blog post. Let me know how you get on.

Community and media

Celebrate the success of people in your community

Crowdsource among your community. Here’s a list of dissertation topics and this is a guide for students thinking about public relations

Invite guest articles from people who are smarter than you. This one’s about the impact of GDPR on public relations by Daryl Willcox. Here’s another example on diversity by Karan Chadda

Say thank you. Thanks to the PRCA and my Mum

The internet loves a list. This one is about tools in public relations. This is a list of women speakers in media and public relations

Write a letter to your community. Someone may even write back

Podcasts a good way to meet new people. It also teaches you a new skill

Point of view

Comment on a breaking news story. If you’re quick enough you’ll be sought out by trade and mainstream media for comment

Write about a personal issue. The internet will hear you and overwhelm you with its generosity

Learning and development

Write about the craft of writing. This is about writer’s block  

Demonstrate how to use a tool

Write a how to guide about an aspect of your day job. This one’s about SEO. Here’s another example about PESO

Summarise the findings from a report that’s relevant to your market. This is about the CIPR State of the Profession report. This is about OFCOM 2017 Media report

Review a book. This is Deirdre Breakenridge’s latest book Answers for Modern Communicators. Here’s Robert Cialdini’s pre-suasion

Write about an event. I’m a big fan of the annual Vuelio blog awards

Share the content of a speech


Think out loud about an issue impacting your business. This blog led to the formation of the CIPR #AIinPR panel

Work out loud on a project, big or small

Fundraise for a cause or charity. This has become an annual activity

Experiment with new media and tools. Make and break stuff

Thinking out loud

Deconstruct and comment on a speech or public statement

Explore an emerging area of your market, or a new product or service

Explore the future of your business, short or long term. This exercise has become an annual activity for me

Review popular and academic literature to get to grips with a new topic

Think out loud about your market. Other people will be sure to jump in with suggestions

Meeting AMEC’s leadership team as it kicks off search for new CEO

Meeting AMEC’s leadership team as it kicks off search for new CEO

Never stop learning

Never stop learning