#FuturePRoof podcast: how was half term for you?

#FuturePRoof podcast: how was half term for you?

In this edition of the podcast Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington discuss accountable leadership; persuasion and polarised media; influencing Brexit; the PRCA’s diversity toolkit; tech in public relations; and upcoming events.

This edition of the #FutureProof podcast was recorded on 18 February. Here are the show notes and links.

#1 Governance in the third sector

Oxfam is facing a sex scandal involving aid workers in Haiti. The issue first arose more than a decade ago; the charity’s means of redress have been found to be wanting.

It comes at a moment in time when overseas aid from the UK government is under intense scrutiny.

Brendan Cox, wife of the MP Jo Cox, that was murdered in 2016, has stepped down from charities because of alleged misconduct.

We talk about the issue of governance and scrutiny in the charitable sector and accountable leadership.

#2 Snowflakes and social discourse

Conversation on social media and the web is polarised. This isn’t a new story but it is exacerbated by the politics. Conversation around almost any topic quickly becomes ferocious. Arguments are hard to find.

Is it possible to persuade or change opinion in such a highly charged media environment? We ask if there are any places left for reasoned discussion and debate.

#3 What’s the role of public relations in Brexit?

Brexit negotiations are heading into their final 12 months prior to the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Public relations should continue to support organisations and any relevant stakeholder in asserting influence government and the European Union for the best possible outcome.

#4 Practical approach to tackling diversity in public relations

The PRCA has produced a diversity toolkit for public relations (opens as a PDF). Its goal is to ensure the profession represents the publics that it purports to engage and influence. The guide characterises the issue and suggests practical solutions for employers.

#5 What’s your favourite marketing or public relations app or tool?

Stephen is leading a new panel for the CIPR seeking to characterise the application of tech in marketing and public relations practice.

The #AIinPR panel will also examine the implication of artificial intelligence in the media and society.

The first project aims to build on the work of #PRstack and build a database of apps and tools. Please submit your favourites via this online form.

#6 Upcoming events

Ketchum is hosting an influence event for brands on 7 March where we’ll share recent work. Influencers will talk about the different ways that they work with brands. Please contact Jane Phillips if you’re interested in attending.

Cluetrain Manifesto author David Weinberger will present the inaugural Sir Stephen Tallents memorial lecture as part of the CIPR’s 70th anniversary celebration on 14 March. He’ll ask whether the internet has lived up to its promise.

Ketchum event: Making sense of the influencer market

Ketchum event: Making sense of the influencer market

Agencies as a foundation for entrepreneurs

Agencies as a foundation for entrepreneurs