Letter from Amalfi

Letter from Amalfi


The Posh Geordie and I have had a week off on the Amalfi Coast this last week. It’s a stunning location, and a great place to think, write, and eat. Sarah’s been working on the next edition of #FuturePRoof. It’ll celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS in 2018, and lessons for communicators.

I’ve been thinking about social media manipulation and the implications for democracy, and working on my next book.

I didn’t get a chance to email out articles and blog posts that I've written this week. Here’s a roundup of what you may have missed.


An upcoming discussion between two senior public relations practitioners spotlights the issue of ethics in public relations. Lord Chadlington will interview fellow peer Lord Bell on Tuesday in London.

I’m hoping that Lord Chadlington will hold his fellow peer to account over the Bell Pottinger scandal, and that this will be an opportunity for reflection and learning. Maybe I’ll see you there?


Listening is fundamental to good relationships and critical to organisational communication but it’s a much underrated skill that is seldom taught.

When did you last listen to someone, and I mean really listen? People and organisations pay lip service to listening. Here’s how to change that.


Bots and rogue advertising are being used to manipulate social media.

The networks and technology which promised to democratise media and improve public discourse are creating threats to the democratic process.

There’s more on this issue in an article that I wrote this week for The Drum.


This article about managing communication breakdown bounced around the internet again this week. Managing confrontation is an important part of any relationship. It’s a lesson in life.


I’m leading a crowdsourced project on behalf of the CIPR to produce a book to celebrate its 70th anniversary. We’ve had 100 submissions from 80 individuals.

My job for November is to review all the proposed content and create a formal proposal.


I hope this was useful. If it was please forward it to as many people as your mail server will allow. If you've received this from a friend you can sign-up here. I'd like that very much. Thank you.

Have a great week. Be excellent.

Chatbots as a public relations tool: proceed with caution

Chatbots as a public relations tool: proceed with caution

How to listen

How to listen