#FuturePRoof podcast: celebrating the CIPR and the NHS at 70

#FuturePRoof podcast: celebrating the CIPR and the NHS at 70


Topics discussed on the latest podcast: #CIPR70; Twitter discourse; implications on society of decline in regional media; a new #FuturePRoof project; and new contributions. Sarah Hall and I recorded a new edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast on Friday. Here’s what you’ll learn.

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CIPR calls for contributions for ambitious #CIPR70 anniversary project

The CIPR is seeking submissions for a new book to be published in 2018 to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

The purpose of the book is to tell the story of the CIPR, and showcase excellence in modern public relations practice. It will reinforce the CIPR’s theme for 2018 of public relations as a strategic management discipline.

Essays are invited in five areas of public relations, namely: perspective, practice, performance, provocation and the future potential of the profession.

CIPR members interested in contributing to the project should read the contributors’ guidelines and submit a pitch by 3 November, 2017.

It’s personal. Sarah is President of the CIPR during its anniversary year. I’m a former CIPR President, and have been invited to edit and manage the project.

Feisty Twitter discourse reflects real life

Conversation on Twitter is increasingly feisty. Sarah recently got caught up in a discussion that landed in The Daily Mail and The Metro.

Twitter was among the social media platforms that spawned the #MeToo meme this week as a response to the conversation about Harvey Weinstein around sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace.

We both have a love hate relationship with Twitter. Bots, trolls and an increasingly argumentative level of discourse are a challenge for the platform. It’s starting to reflect real life.

Is a lack of investment in local media damaging society?

Sarah is chairing an event on the evening of 22 November at the CIPR in London on the role of local media and its ability to serve society in 2017.

The discussion will explore modern journalism and assess the extent to which resource-starved media organisations are equipped to serve society, with specific reference to the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Sarah will be joined by Charlie Beckett, professor in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics (LSE); Grant Feller, founder GF-Media, specialising in brand, CEO and senior executive content; Laura McInerney, editor of Schools Week and Guardian columnist; and Mathew Rodda MP, former journalist and now Member of Parliament.

#FuturePRoof Edition 3: the NHS at 70 and lessons for the wider PR community

A third edition of #FuturePRoof is in the works to celebrate communications excellence in the NHS. The NHS joins the CIPR in celebrating its 70th anniversary next year.

Sarah is working with practitioners including Liz Davies, Claire Riley and Rachel Royall to develop a specification. Watch this space.

New contributors: careers in public relations and where are the expert voices?

Experiencing Public Relations: International Voices brings together stories of public relations in daily life throughout the world, examining both its positive and negative sides. It’s edited by Liz Bridgen, Principal Lecturer in Public Relations at Sheffield Hallam University and Dejan Vercic, Professor of Public Relations at the University of Ljubljana and the founder of BledCom. Liz has written an article for the #FuturePRoof community.

To understand the true meaning of stories in the news, the public needs to hear from genuine voices of authority. But in today's world of fast-moving media, we hear from them less and less. A new contribution by former BBC and ITN newsreader Andrew Harvey looks at why this is happening and calls on true experts to make their voices heard.

For whom the bell tolls

For whom the bell tolls

An update on the CIPR’s 70th anniversary crowdsourced project

An update on the CIPR’s 70th anniversary crowdsourced project