#FuturePRoof podcast: strawberry picking

#FuturePRoof podcast: strawberry picking


#PRFest, Cannes, the General Election, the Meeker report and image recognition are all among the topics discussed on the latest #FuturePRoof podcast.

Sarah Hall and I recorded a new edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast on Monday. Here’s what you’ll learn.

#FuturePRoof conversation at #PRfest about the value of public relations

The second #PRFest in Edinburgh proved to be a lively affair combining keynotes, panels and workshops. The innovative two-day event curated and managed by Laura Sutherland is establishing itself on the conference circuit.

Sarah returned with her #FuturePRoof project. The latest phase of the project seeks out insight on the value of public relations when implemented as a strategic management discipline.

Sarah approached the leaders at the top of organisations that have been in the public sphere and faced significant stakeholder management issues in the past 12 to 24 months. In each case public relations is represented at the highest level internally.

Big win for public relations at Cannes Festival of Creativity

Public relations has received an unprecedented level of attention at Cannes. In an upbeat article PRWeek reported that agencies increased their haul at the Cannes PR Lions following changes to the awards process and a revised definition of public relations, although ad agencies still dominate.

My own firm Ketchum and our clients won 18 Lions. We’re incredibly proud of our client relationships that enable us to deliver breakthrough creative campaigns.

Political engagement during the General Election

The Conservation Party failed to deliver an inspiring message. Its campaign was complacent and failed to engage with the public. By contrast the Labour used its network of activists as influencers.

The different approaches of the two leaders was stark. Theresa May sought out carefully stage managed opportunities with private audiences, whereas Jeremy Corbyn appeared at huge public meetings.

We both knocked on doors for Labour during the election and had some great conversations. If you work or study public relations or public affairs seeks out opportunities to engage with your public. Everyone should doorstop at some point in their career.

Democracy? Newspeak House has an app for that

Ed Saperia made space available in Newspeak House in Shoreditch during six weeks leading up to the election. Several projects analysed public engagement in the political process. Numerous projects emerged to improve the quality of debate and transparency.

Mary Meeker spotlights insight for marketing or public relations

Internet usage, planning tools, paid and social mashups, human computer interface, and social business are highlights of Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Report.

Global internet usage continues to grow at a steady 10% per year, reaching 46% of the global population. It’s fuelled by developing markets, notably India. Mark 2026 down in your diary as the year when everyone in the world is able to get online, based on current adoption rates.

I published a summary of the report on my blog.

Image recognition: Aipoly

Aipoly is an app for partially sighted people that demonstrates the potential of image recognition. The app describes the object in front of the camera in real time. It’s not perfect but it’s an incredible piece of software.

Image recognition has yet to hit the public consciousness. There’s an important conversation that we need to have about privacy.

About the #FuturePRoof podcast

#FuturePRoof was founded in 2015 by Sarah Hall as community initiative to explore the future of public relations and its contribution to organisations as a management discipline. The project has published two books and numerous reports.

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