#FuturePRoof podcast: an afternoon snifter

#FuturePRoof podcast: an afternoon snifter


Fake news, social media speculation, the Croatian Public Relations Association conference and support for students, are all among the topics discussed on the latest #FuturePRoof podcast.

Sarah Hall and I recorded a new edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast at the end of last week. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Ditch the lazy fake news tag

Fake news has become a catch all term for any ethical issue that impacts the media or public relations. Consumers need to keep their wits about them when they consume media; journalists and public relations practitioners need to work to ethical standards; and technology platforms also have a part to play in tackling the issue.

I’m joining a panel to speak about fake news at the CIPR East Anglia conference in Cambridge on 23 May while Sarah on the topic at the House of Commons in London on 13 July.

UK General Election

Whatever your view of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, she has pulled a shrewd political move in calling a General Election on 8 June 2017. Professional communicators who aren’t in politically restrictive posts have a responsibility to use their skills to make the General Election campaign the best possible conversation about the future of the UK.

We've lost our patience

Speculation on Twitter around the General Election and Prince Phillip's retirement led to rumours and unverified reports. Twitter has said that it has no plans to address the issue and that the community quickly self corrects. We have our doubts.

Celebrating public relations in Croatia

We caught up with the International Paralympic Committee media and communications director Craig Spence at the 21st Croatian Public Relations Association conference and Sarah tackled the topic of public relations as a management discipline versus a form of content marketing.

Student support

There are tips for media and public relations students seeking help from practitioners during dissertation season. Get in early and make considered pitches. Face-to-face approaches and tweets will be more successful than email.

In search of joy

The Book of Joy is a conversation between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dali Lama. It’s a story of the shared wisdom of two men who have experienced tremendous suffering but are incredibly joyous. Bear with us, it’s worth hearing about.

Crowdsourced project aims to scrutinise political advertising

Who Targets Me is a plugin for Google Chrome that tracks politics advertising on your Facebook page during the General Election. It is seeking to start a conversation with the Electoral Commission about the role of targeting and advertising on social media within a political campaign.

Busting myths about public relations

Myths of PR by Rich Leigh busts some of the biggest myths in the public relations business. It’s a candid, punchy and practical book that attempts to explain the role of public relations within a modern organisation.

The title of this podcast originates from the civilised practice of ending the week with a small alcoholic drink.

About the #FutureProof podcast

#FuturePRoof was founded in 2015 by Sarah Hall as community initiative to explore the future of public relations and its contribution to organisations as a management discipline. The project has published two books and numerous reports. A third book is in the works.

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