Help me bring Sunshine

Help me bring Sunshine


A sponsored run with a difference. You make a donation and ask a question. I answer and run 13.1 miles.

I'm running the Great North Run in Newcastle and Gateshead in three weeks and I'm raising money for the Sunshine Fund. I need your help.

There's a proper training schedule and everything. This week I've got to run an 8 mile and a ten mile run.

I'm running with David Gallagher and Sarah Hall. We're raising money for the Sunshine Fund in Newcastle. It's a local charity that buys kit for disabled kids in the region to enable them to live more normal lives.

Like so many small charities it delivers fantastic services within the communities that it serves and deserves more attention. It also deserves more money.

Here's the deal. I'm on leave this week so I've got a bit of free time.

This blog generates loads of inbound inquiries that I don't always give the attention they warrant.

People ask for help with business plans, dissertations, jobs, media, tools, training, and workflow.

If you make a donation to the Sunshine Fund this week I'll answer any question you want to ask, have a short phone discussion, or draft a blog post.

Head over to the fundraising page, make a donation, and then fire me an email to

Maybe you just enjoy the blog and are willing to make a donation. That'd be amazing. Thanks.

I'll also run 13.1 miles on 11 September around Newcastle and Gateshead.

Help me bring Sunshine. Thanks.

Great North Run photo via The Newcastle Chronicle with thanks.

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