My blog in 2015 review: community, how-to evergreen content and personal stuff

My blog in 2015 review: community, how-to evergreen content and personal stuff

Lessons from the most popular content on my blog in 2015 and looking forward to 2016. angel

More than 100,000 people visited my blog in 2015. They explored content about community, life, media, theory and tools.

I’ve three lessons from reviewing the most popular content by comment, sharing and traffic:

  1. A blog is a beautiful community. It’s my community. Two of top ten posts were written by guest contributors and two were crowdsourced.
  2. How-to articles continue to be found by search long after posting. Four of the top ten posts are more than 12 months old; two are from 2013.
  3. My middle age post (see #1 below) is the most popular thing I’ve ever written, books included. In 2016 I need to write more personal stuff. That’s hard.

Republishing blog content on the LinkedIn publishing platform has enabled me make new relationships during the year. I’ve followed best practice and experienced no penalty from Google. I conducted a syndicated experiment earlier in the year with strong results.

I’m going to try and open source more content in 2016. What would you like me to write about? Please add notes and comments to this Google document.

Meanwhile here are the top ten posts for 2015.

#1 Wisdom of middle age: 45 lessons at age 45

A reflective post about middle age got more attention than anything else on my blog. It’s a post that I’ll develop in 2016.

#2 Grunig revisited: digital communication and the Four Models of Public Relations

Here’s a lesson. A three year old post about a 30 year old public relations theory is consistently the most sought out blog post, thanks to search.

#3 The not-so-secret Internet diary of a Gen Z teenage girl

My eldest daughter’s media habits crashed my blog. Good work Ellie. I’ve since shifted to a dedicated server. This post spawned a series from people of different ages in my network including Ged Carroll and Victoria Grace.

#4 How to modernise a public relations agency or communication team

Another old favourite, this time from 2014, about how to modernise a communications agency or in-house team. This is my day job so rightly makes the top five.

#5 Meet the #PRStack community; web app next step

Creating the #PRstack project to characterise the third-party tool market was a major focus in 2015. I’ve shunted a subsequent post out of the top ten. We’re exploring ways to develop the project in 2016.

#6 Using Lissted to characterise a Twitter community in the North East of England

A guest post by Adam Parker showing how to map communities on Twitter. Communities are the most influential form of media.

#7 Your 50 favourite digital, marketing and public relations media

A summer list of 50 blogs, books, communities, newsletters and podcasts crowdsourced from my network. We all love to be featured in a list.

#8 10 areas of pain in public relations

The annual CIPR State of the Profession Survey found that people at the top of their career are least likely to hold a professional qualification in public relations.

#9 Essay: The future of public relations

A post from 2013 that explores the massive changes facing public relations as media fragments and the internet enables consumers to fundamentally redefine their relationship with organisations.

#10 Marketing vs public relations vs human resources: what’s the difference?

The lines between marketing, public relations and human resources may be blurring but the fundamentals remain constant.

Public relations in 2016: 16 areas of change

Public relations in 2016: 16 areas of change

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Do you know someone that deserves the Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award?