5 tools and a community to help you become a better public relations student

5 tools and a community to help you become a better public relations student


Recent graduate Craig Knowles has built a hub for students wanting to share public relations knowledge and network. By Craig Knowles

There are dozens of useful digital tools out there, here is a list of a few that I can’t live without as a recent graduate work in public relations.

  1. LinkedIn Advanced Search - Invaluable tool that allows anyone to connect, research and identify individuals within the PR industry (no it’s not just for stalking the person who has your dream job)
  2. Survey Monkey - Free survey creation tool that is a necessity for conducting dissertation research
  3. Prezi - Innovative presentation software that’s easy-to-use, free and uploads presentations online, rather than hoping that your colleague didn’t forget the memory stick for the presentation
  4. Google Drive - cloud storage that can be accessed anywhere online and shared, with two gigabyte of free storage. It allows you share and edit Google documents with colleagues and friends (imagine not having to email your friend five times with corrections)
  5. WordPress / Blogger – free website or blog creation platforms that can help you build your writing style, personality and make a name for yourself online (and yes your prospective employer is very likely to Google you, so well worth having an opinionated presence)

Other notable mentions include Evernote (digital note taking software), Google Scholar (search engine for academic articles), Neil’s Toolbox (Harvard reference generator) and Topsy (social search and analytics software).

Meet the PR Student Hub

I think I’ve spotted a gap for a community to for students to share their knowledge and experience in the public relations industry; a place where students can learn and share best practice and hacks.

During a recent workshop that at the University of Bournemouth, it became clear that even with these digital tools there was a gap in communication between students sharing knowledge and experience.

It’s got me thinking that there must be a way to bring the student public relations community together and so, the idea of the PR Student Hub was born. Its aim is simply to help students that embarking on a career in public relations.

The PR Student Hub is a community that allow students to share their knowledge, whether its work placements advice, job interview tips, being able to share post-grad education experiences or just dissertation advice.

It’s really simple, all students have to do is join one of the below groups that works best for them, and then network with others who are in the same situation as themselves.

A community is only as useful as its members, so here’s to hoping others around the world find this as useful as I would have done.

About Craig Knowles

craig-knowlesCraig Knowles is an account executive at Rich Leigh & Company. Having recently graduated from the University of Gloucestershire, he has already spent time working in multiple countries with in-house roles and is hoping to make his mark in the industry. Connect with Craig @CraigKnowlesPR.




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