Blogging is a slog. My top 10 posts for 2014 and some lessons

Blogging is a slog. My top 10 posts for 2014 and some lessons

1535609_10153410655881982_2236515849948261493_n I snagged more than 70,000 page views on my blog in 2014 according to my web analytics.

I wrote the first post a little over two years ago when I sold my own agency and joined Ketchum. Since then I’ve racked up more than 300 blog posts, posting two to three times per week.

Here’s what I’ve learnt this year:

  • There are no short cuts. Blogging is a slog. It requires commitment, drive and stamina but the dividend is profile and relationships; and it’s almost certainly the best way to learn.
  • Almost all the posts in my top ten most popular for 2014 are long form (1,000 words and often considerably more). The typical dwell time is four to five minutes.
  • Google search, sharing on Facebook and Twitter (but not LinkedIn or Google+), and an email newsletter (subscribe here) are the primary means that the blog gets traffic. 300 posts in I’ve a sizeable long tail of content.
  • Blog posts about theory, skills and personal development get the most traffic. My most popular post is one of my oldest about an area of public relations theory.
  • Two guest posts make my top ten. Select guest bloggers with care but they’ll always add a fresh voice and new perspective.

Thanks for continuing to follow my blog. Have a great holiday break and I look forward to returning to my blog in the New Year. Meanwhile here’s the content that has proved the most popular in 2014.

#1 Grunig revisited: digital communication and the Four Models of Public Relations – an evergreen post from two years ago about James Grunig’s Excellence Model and the Four Models of Public Relations. Who knew public relations theory could be so popular?

#2 How to modernise a public relations agency or communication team – a paper that I presented at the World PR Forum and the PRSA International Conference this year. Our business is very much a work in progress.

#3 10 personal productivity life hacks – written in the last 30 days this is already one of my most popular posts ever. I guess that we're all looking for ways to make life that little bit easier.

#4 Essay: The future of public relations – an essay from last year in which I think out loud about the future of the business of public relations.

#5 10 areas of work in progress for public relations – my first post of 2014 reflecting on 10 areas of change in public relations. There’s something here for everyone.

#6 Why public relations is important for business – a guest blog post by a former-journalist, writer and consultant Alex Singleton. It does what it says in the title.

#7 10 essential skills for the future PR practitioner - Recent graduate Jarrod Williams shares his view of 10 skills for anyone looking to make their mark in public relations. Good practical advice.

#8 Twitter Analytics demystified for public relations: it’s much more than a numbers game – a primer on Twitter analytics, showing that engagement levels are surprisingly low but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

#9 Exploring the business of blogging – this is an ebook about blogging that I crowdsourced with a group of popular communication bloggers. It’s had more than 11,000 views.

#10 10 skills for the future PR practitioner: “get on or get out” – an assertive post from 2013 suggesting that practitioners need to either develop their careers through continuous learning or move on.

15 areas of work in progress for 2015

15 areas of work in progress for 2015