The bigger social media monitoring opportunity – CIPR guide

The bigger social media monitoring opportunity – CIPR guide


Social media monitoring enables public relations practitioners to connect organisations with publics in the widest sense. As practitioners we have been quick to focus on the reputational impact of social media on organisations. But that misses a massive opportunity.

Tool provider Sysomos claims that more than 16 million new pieces of content are posted across the social web every hour.

This content appears on blogs, forums, news sites, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and numerous other social network services.

By understanding this content and the conversations that are taking place we can deliver powerful insights to an organisation.

These insights are valuable not just to communication teams but other departments within an organisation such as marketing, sales, product development, research, human resources and customer service.

This is the shift to so-called social business brought about the disintermediation of communication between an organisation and its publics.

It is a change that is forcing organisations to knock down departmental silos as they evaluate the implication of social media on every area of a business.

As a result social media monitoring is a booming business. The market, kickstarted by services such as Google Alerts, is growing-up fast.

Today the CIPR Social Media Panel has published a free guide to social media monitoring tools and the opportunity for practitioners.

The 30-page document was developed by frontline practitioners including Simon Collister, Mark Pack, Michelle Goodall, Dan Tyte, Robin Wilson, Rob Brown and Dom Burch.

Thanks to Simon for pulling the project together and everyone for committing their time on a voluntary basis.

The CIPR Guide to Social Media Monitoring covers the basics of what social media monitoring can deliver to an organisation, an analysis of tools and pricing models, profiles of a handful of the key tools and a guide to creating a monitoring workflow.

The guide isn’t exhaustive but it provides lots of insight and links to additional information.

It’s an excellent start point for any practitioner wanting to understand social media monitoring and the bigger opportunity for public relations.

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