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September 2017

Top 10 podcasts all PR pros definitely need to hear
#FuturePRoof is an ambitious project. Its purpose is to explore the opportunity for public relations right now and in the next ten years.
25 September, 2017

Digital PR: Is it getting harder?
“Practitioners need to invest in continuous learning – pushing themselves to learn new things wherever possible.”
Stephen Waddington, Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum
21 September, 2017

It’s good to talk
“Removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes.” – says Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.
15 September, 2017

July 2017

A list of email bulletins that help me and I wouldn’t be without
Firstly, I’ve signed-up to Stephen Waddington’s blog which is more consistently on the money than anyone else I know. Spin Sucks can be useful. Of course, I’d be lost without the comms2point0 weekly email. The CIPR Conversation brings together bloggers from across the UK PR industry. While this has a private sector leaning there are always things to learn.
25 July 2017

June 2017

Measurement experts criticize earned media value (EMV) as a worthless metric
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum, calls EMV a new version of Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). PR measurement experts and industry associations dismiss AVEs, which measure the value of earned media by comparing it to advertising of similar size and placement, as an outdated and meaningless metric.
5 July 2017

How to get the media on board to end AVE
It seems to me that the hurdles about AVE are much to do with understanding why AVE is regarded with such disdain by many influential voices in PR and measurement, and why you should use a more credible metric (Stephen Waddington and Katie Paine each have good suggestions).
Neville Hobson
30 June 2017

Friday Wrap #220: Renamed AVEs still suck, trust in newspapers grows, older Americans get social
There’s a new PR metric in town calling itself Earned Media Value (EMV). It’s not new at all, though. It’s just a new name for the reviled Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVE). EMV “is being promoted by tool vendors, media, and public relations agencies as a simple means to measure and benchmark campaigns,” writes Stephen Waddington.
Shel Holtz
30 June 2017

Friday Wrap #219: White House affects perceptions of PR, Instagram crushes Snapchat, and more
Everybody talks about the filter bubbles that divide people online, but the Reuters Institute Digital News Report finds that “users of social media, aggregators, and search engines experience more diversity than non-users,” according to Stephen Waddington.
Shel Holtz
23 June 2017

#4PRQs: the key takeouts from the Four PR Questions series
Another proof that PR pros can write is some of the fantastic blogs that are known in the space. Stephen Waddington’s influential or the insightful blog written by Amanda Coleman are only a few examples of excellence that we can all get inspiration from.
Marcel Klebba
19 June 2017

PR Measurement: to AVE or NOT to AVE?
Oh, and here is another article, about the PESO model by Sabine Raabe. Plus this one, with 30 public relations metrics from Stephen Waddington (a must-read).
Prowly Magazine
14 June 2017

May 2017

Digital marketing: Why communities – not technologies – are the future
Communities are the future. The bleeding edge of digital marketing is less about technology than how organisations use it to become more social,  believes PR pioneer Stephen Waddington.
Small and medium-sized enterprises
30 May, 2017

15 comms lessons from the Manchester bomb attack
“I was reminded by Stephen Waddington’s post about mental resilience in communications. It’s a timely post that asks people to look after their mental health. In the aftermath of huge stress, I’d hope that the organisations and individuals involved bear this in mind. They’re bright people. I’m sure they will.
29 May, 2017

Mental health in PR
In an interview Stephen Waddington a partner at Ketchum has said “removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes”.
26 May 2016

PR & marketing cope with constant social media change – and expect more
“Public relations like other professions is sleep walking into the issue of artificial intelligence,” wrote Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum, in his blog. “No one has properly characterized its potential impact on our business. This needs to change in 2017.”
19 May, 2019

Who targets you?
the voting influence stories floating around the news cycle(s) or not, this is important work.
James Whatley
12 May, 2017

We must rebrand mental health, and it starts internally…
“Removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes.” – Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.
Tash Cordeaux, PRCA
11 May, 2017

The courage not to be discouraged
One of my most admired friends has just written movingly about his own experiences with Mental Health over the last few years. I truly admire this man as he is professionally at the top of his game and has the courage to speak, to and in no way be discouraged from, speaking of his struggles. That’s true leadership, inspiration and vulnerability in action.
Women of Wit, Wisdom and Wonder
10 May, 2017

Who targets you? A look at the crowdsourced project set to scrutinise Facebook ads during the general election
The only way to accurately scrutinise how political campaigns are using Facebook advertising is to ask Facebook users to report what they see for themselves. A group of activists called Who Targets Me? is calling on the Electoral Commission to more closely scrutinise the issue, and apply the same level of transparency that applies in other areas of political campaigning.
The Drum
5 May, 2017

April 2017

‘Disastrous response made things worse’: UK PR experts lay into United Airlines and its precarious CEO
Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer at Ketchum London, has provide the comment below: “United doesn’t appear to have learnt from the Dave Carroll broken guitar incident eight years ago. Then, a broken guitar launched the YouTube, book and speaking career of a young musician. The lack of trust in the brand has now resulted in one of the biggest and most vitriolic online reactions to a communications crisis ever.”
11 April, 2017

Weber Shandwick and Hope&Glory among winners at PRCA Digital Awards
At the inaugural PRCA Digital Awards last night, Weber Shandwick and Hope&Glory won multiple awards, and Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington was recognised in the Outstanding Contribution category.
4 April, 2017

March 2017

Businesses need long-term PR strategies – CIPR State of the Profession report 2017
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum and visiting professor at Newcastle University, suggests this continuing move to higher professional standards is a reaction to the shifting political landscape and the public’s growing disdain for PR “spin” and misinterpreted “facts”.
Northern Lights PR
20 March 2017

Business Relations: PR and marketing converge
“There’s a turf war taking place between marketing and public relations as digital technologies and social forms of media rampage through organisations,” said Stephen Waddington, a partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum.
17 March 2017

It’s time we started talking about mental health
In late February, PR Week published a report with some pretty alarming results. According to the 18-page document, produced by CIPR president elect Sarah Hall and Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington, mental illness is either ignored or treated as a performance or line management issue within the PR industry.
Babel PR
16 March 2017

Relações Públicas e o mérito da confiança
“Implementar um monitoramento robusto da mídia on-line e da web social para o nome de sua empresa, marcas e porta-vozes chave”, recomenda Stephen Waddington, sócio e diretor de engajamento da Ketchum, em sua estrutura de relações públicas para combater notícias falsas ou até mesmo haters. Defina limites para quando um falso ataque de notícias é susceptível de afetar o seu público, e preparar um processo sobre a forma de responder, acrescenta.
13 March 2017

#4PRQs for: Stephen Waddington of Ketchum
It took me one lunch with Stephen Waddington to realise the importance of writing and blogging. He didn’t need to persuade me that much — his blog is one of the most influential PR outlets out there.
Marcel Klebba
10 March 2017

Powerbook 2017: Stephen Waddington
The erudite and innovative ‘Wadds’ has a key role at Ketchum, brought in to the new position in 2015 to lead on integration of the global agency’s digital and social capabilities. The former CIPR president is seen as a moderniser with strong views on the industry’s future.
8 March 2017

PR professionals’ skills and competencies not fit for modern future proof public relations
It is also interesting that the research reveals a clear correlation between learning and earning. Stephen Waddington explains how PR practitioners committed to qualifications and learning and development earn more.
Stuart Bruce
8 March 2017

Why PR should help restore trust in public media and how it can do it
“Implement robust monitoring of online media and the social web for your company name, brands and key spokespeople,” recommends Stephen Waddington, partner and Chief engagement officer at Ketchum and a visiting professor at the Newcastle University, in his public relations framework for fighting fake news. Set thresholds for when a fake news attack is likely to impact your publics, and prepare a process on how to respond, he adds.
William Comcowich
7 March 2017

February 2017

Mental health in PR and comms
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at public relations and marketing agency, Ketchum, and co-author of the #FuturePRoof report, says, “Removing the stigma around the issue of mental health in the workplace will have the single biggest impact on positive outcomes.”
Communicate Magazine
27 February 2017

Mental illness in PR ignored, or treated as performance issue, says new report
A key finding of the 18-page report, produced by CIPR president elect Sarah Hall and Ketchum partner and chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington, is that mental illness is frequently ignored or dealt with as a line-management or performance issue.
24 February 2017

Reading on Thursday 2 February
The Germans really do have a word for everything – Weltschmerz is the feeling of melancholy caused by the reality of the world. This blog post by Stephen Waddington is a crowd-sourced list of lots of different ways to switch off. Find one that works for you and stay healthy.
Brian Mcleish
2 February, 2017

January 2017

The American Strongman – A Middle East view on Trump’s first 48 hours as President
President Trump and his team are masters at switching attention from one issue to answer. In his blog, the London-based PR professional Stephen Waddington has listed a number of tactics used to divert attention from hard policy issues to softer social issues.
Alex of Arabia’s Blog
25 January 2017

FIR Interview: Stephen Waddington on fake news
Much has been written about how to deal with fake news, including one particularly level-headed framework for how PR should address it by Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer at global PR agency Ketchum. In this FIR Interview, Wadds (as he’s known) offers his views on fake news and outlines what PR practitioners need to do to minimize its impact on their clients or employers.
For Immediate Release
20 January, 2017

AMEC Framework – Challenge to “make it an industry standard!”
International PR industry commentator Stephen Waddington had both praise and a challenge for AMEC in his look at Public Relations for 2017. Waddington, Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum writing in his blog, had this to say about AMEC’s new Integrated Evaluation Framework.
19 January 2017

Combatting fake news: the critical role PR must play
Continually monitor brand mentions. Adjust your media monitoring tool to focus on websites known to produce false information. “Implement robust monitoring of online media and the social web for your company name, brands and key spokespeople,” recommends Stephen Waddington, partner and Chief engagement officer at Ketchum and a visiting professor at the Newcastle University, in his public relations framework for fighting fake news.
16 January 2017

Five ways to enhance your public relations activity
The Holmes Report and Spin Sucks, while very different, offer international perspectives, and industry blogs such as, and all host a wide range of industry content that will get you thinking.
Sarah Hall
16 January 2017

How to create video that is relevant, shareable and watchable!
Stephen Waddington, partner at PR firm Ketchum: Social media platforms are promoting video in newsfeeds over text and visual content. “Facebook and Instagram push video content up the newsfeed. Facebook, Twitter via Periscope, and YouTube have all invested heavily in tools for video producers. It’s an opportunity for brands to share own content via their owned channels and networks.
13 January, 2017

PR pros as compelling content providers in 2017
Stephen Waddington touches on how easy it is to get caught in a “media bubble.” Facebook newsfeeds are the number one offense; being that it is based on your network, your “likes” and what or who you follow, you will be served versions of just that. It creates the false illusion that the things you are reading are aligned with your point of view. It is encouraged to go beyond Facebook and explore all sides of any argument or debate.
Bulldog Reporter
11 January, 2017

10 digital and social insights for the year ahead
It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead. At the end of last year we published Trends 17. It’s a view of the year ahead from subject matter experts and our Mindfire network of entrepreneurial students. I’ve dug deeper into digital and social media, and asked colleagues from around the world what we can expect in 2017.
6 January 2017

Companies must prepare for the possibility of a Trump Crisis
Knowing that few companies are safe from a possible Trump disparagement, PR and crisis teams need to add the possibility to their crisis planning. Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington (a former chair of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations) has drafted a PR framework for tackling fake news that also serves as a guide to managing Trump attacks.
Shel Holtz
6 January 2017

Growing pains for PR
“1,600 CIPR members completed CPD last year. That’s around 2% of the 80,000 people that work in the profession,” said Stephen Waddington. Chartered status – much like a proficiency test for journalists or qualifications in law, accountancy and medicine – reflects the breadth of a practitioner’s experience and achievements.
PR Virgin
4 January 2017

December 2016

10 best PR blogs you should be reading
With the tagline public relations, marketing and social media thinking and doing, Stephen Waddington gives us just that. With many strings to his bow including being Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, Stephen imparts sage advice and in-depth insights on the many facets of PR.
Fortune Public Relations
16 December 2017

Booze, balls, bollocks, the babe and our boy
Whilst Senior PR people earn well into 6 figures, getting them close to corporate financier / legal eagle levels; at the graduate level there’s a massive disparity of up to £50k. An ex colleague Stephen Waddington had it exactly right where he tweeted recently “enhance perception of value, enhance fees, pay staff more”.
Paddy Blewer
16 December 2016

How could public sector organisations challenge post-truth?
Stephen Waddington has written a tremendous contribution to this debate as a manifesto for public relations in a post truth world. I suggest you read it and let it soak in. This doesn’t have all the answers but the questions it asks are the right ones.
Dan Slee
14 December 2017

A manifesto for public relations in a post-truth world
The UK European Union referendum and US election are a huge wake-up call for the communications trade, writes Stephen Waddington. Purpose, post-truth communication, polling, social capital, diversity, activist leadership and media bubbles mean many of the old ways of engaging the public are no longer fit for purpose.
The Drum
14 December 2017

Christmas reading list
I once won a copy of Stephen’s Brand Vandals book at a Like Minds event and he has also kindly participated in the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series I curate. He’s also recommended a whole reading list of books published this year, and think the Beano annual he’s suggested might be the medicine I need.
Justin Kirby
8 December, 2016

The return of the branded URL shortener
My friend and fellow blogger Stephen Waddington mused back in 2010, had personal URL shorteners become the “geek chic or the social media equivalent of personalised car number plates”?
Andrew Grill
4 December, 2016

October 2016

Communication goes digital
Beyond the new ways of reaching your audience and getting massive coverage in offline and online media, the digitalization of PR gives us, communications pros, something more – a wide range of intelligent PR software (check this list of favorite 22 PR tools for Spin Sucks by Stephen Waddington) providing customized monitoring and analyses reports, helping with company budgeting, pitch editing and distribution.
25 October, 2016

Can Facebook’s Workplace lead on internal comms?
Ketchum has been named service partner to help organisations plan, implement and manage Workplace. Stephen Waddington, Ketchum’s chief engagement officer, says adoption is a key challenge for these internal comms tools and the main benefit of Facebook’s new app and website will be the familiar environment for employees.
14 October, 2016

Influencer relations: the latest war between marketing and public relations
The battle lines are being drawn for the ownership of influencer relations as both marketing and public relations set out their strategies.
The Drum
7 October, 2016

September 2016

What I read and how I read it: Iliyana Stareva
Stephen Waddington – he’s “discovered” in the UK and among PR people, but his knowledge and writing expands into more than that.
Inbound, the blog
22 September, 2016

Snapchat and what it offers communicators
While much has been written on Snapchat, on how to use it, as well as how Snapchat compares to other products such as Instagram, I wanted to share different ideas on how to reach an audience via the hottest social media channel for youth in the Middle East region.
Alex of Arabia’s Blog
22 September, 2016

Holmes Report EMEA Innovator 25: Stephen Waddington
Our second Innovator 25 class in EMEA again provides a unique glimpse of our industry’s future, shining the light on those individuals who are reshaping influence and engagement in an era of dramatic marketing and communications disruption.
Holmes Report
12 September, 2016

PR must assert itself as a management discipline, says #FuturePRoof volume two
In the book, Ketchum partner and chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington argues that PR can only “realise its full potential as a management discipline” when it works more closely with the academic community, in particular through the industry giving academics greater profile and improving alumni networks for universities with PR courses.
7 September, 2016

Creating mental wealth: The importance of finding a job you love doing
Not for the first time, I’d been inspired by my fellow The Drum opinion writer Stephen Waddington who’d penned a considered piece about our industry being always on.
The Drum
7 September, 2016

Three steps to personal social media success for CMOs
If you believe, as I do, that the future of organisational communication is social, then, as a business leader, you need to become confident and conversant in the social web.
2 September, 2016

August 2016

EU, me and the social media filter bubble
Social media called the result of the EU referendum correctly but like many people I wasn’t looking hard enough.
The Drum
23 August, 2016

July 2016

Email is slowly dying. No, really it is
A story about cake and internal agency communication. Technology is easy, changing behaviour is much harder.
The Drum
26 July, 2016

35 Twitter accounts every PR pro needs to follow
18. Stephen Waddington, @wadds
Partner, Chief Engagement Officer at @KetchumPR. Visiting Professor at @UniofNewcastle. Past President at @CIPR_UK. #brandvandals & #PRstack author. What you can be sure of, is he understands how the media landscape works online and offline and champions best practice as a writer, conference speaker and award-winning blogger. He writes and posts a lot about PR tools and PR measurement.
26 July, 2016

Eight tools to fix the gap between PR theory and practice
A workshop at BledCom has seen the publication of a toolkit aimed at improving cooperation between theory and practice in public relations. BledCom is an international public relations research symposium that takes place in Bled, Slovenia each year in July.
Institute for Public Relations
18 July, 2016

June 2016

What impact will Brexit have on digital businesses and marketers?
Stephen Waddington, partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum, was among those who felt it was too soon to speculate on the economic implications of Brexit.
27 June 2016

5 Dangerous myths about influencer marketing – busted!
Busted: “The notion that you can buy influencers like media is dangerous. It’s a relationship business, not real estate.”
Stephen Waddington – Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum
Top Rank Blog
20 June 2016

The deep work habits of 28 highly productive people
“I work hard to limit my time on social media. I’m trying to shift my workflow away from continuously grazing email and social media, so I use the phone more, I check links on Feedly and Nuzzel once a day, and communities to manage projects,” Stephen Waddington.
David Sawyer
7 June 2016

Global body of knowledge – an important but herculean task
Stephen Waddington in his characteristic direct way goes to the heart of the issue in his recent blog. “Less than 3% of public relations practitioners participate in a credentialing scheme. It’s an issue that needs urgent attention.”
Cornelius Alexander
6 June 2016

May 2016

10 blogs worth checking out
Stephen Waddington is a partner and chief engagement officer at Ketchum with a wealth of experience under his belt. His blog is clean, fresh and clear with blogposts for all levels of PR people. So if you have some time on your hands, I suggest you have a quick read with what’s trending and going on in the industry by visiting his blog and gaining exclusive insight from the man who once was President of CIPR in 2014.
My PR journey
18 May 2016

A community of practice for Scottish lobbyists
Stephen Waddington has written about his foray into the emerging world of community of practice in public relations. His experience is of a very wide engagement using social media tools like Facebook public discussion groups. He has drawn a number of conclusions for the profession to address: a mix of macro and micro issues.
16 May 2016

Public relations has a problem with gender
Bridgen has broken the link between gender equality and family. She’s shown the root of cause of inequality to be an issue with the profession itself. It’s an issue that won’t be tackled with a single solution. Pay transparency, equal representation, agile working, communities, the nature of work itself and the reputation of the profession, are all part of the answer.
The Drum
10 May 2016

PR the Future, We are the Future
Keynote speakers Stephen Waddington, Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum PR and Farzana Baduel, Managing Director and Founder of Curzon PR were welcomed on stage as well as industry practitioners and academics to contribute their thoughts.
Behind the Spin
4 May 2016

April 2016

PR is modernising rapidly but business models must keep up
The findings of the #FuturePRoof project reveal an innovative UK PR industry in rude health, but billing models may have to change to keep clients happy.
29 April, 2016

The internet is growing up
Internet publishers are going above and beyond the law to protect consumers from indecency and defamation.
Northumberland Gazette
23 April, 2016

50 UK Female PR Bloggers
Earlier this week Vuelio published their annual ‘Top 10 UK PR blogs list‘. It’s a great list – I read the vast majority of the blogs on it (although one was completely new to me which is always exciting to find). Stephen Waddington and Neville Hobson top that list – and both are brilliant bloggers so it’s well deserved, but in an industry dominated by women, I was staggered that not a single one of the ten was female.
Sarah Stimson
18 April, 2016

Vuelio’s top UK PR blogs 2016
The number 1 slot is now occupied by Stephen Waddington, displacing yours truly (that’s me) from that position after four consecutive years. I’m now in the number 2 position that had been held by Wadds for much of that period.
Neville Hobson
17 April, 2016

Blogger Spotlight: Michael White
There are resources like the PR stack project run by Stephen Waddington and the #futureproof project, which is being run by Sarah Hall, and they are both great examples of PR professionals putting their competitive differences to one side and coming together with all their knowledge and experience to actually work for the better of the industry.
14 April, 2016

PR Blogs UK top 10
With an in-depth understanding of the media and communications landscape, Stephen Waddington’s PR blog provides the best industry news and analysis of current trends. Stephen is currently a partner and the chief engagement officer at PR agency Ketchum. He is also the co-author of #BrandVandals and Brand Anarchy: Managing Corporate Reputation.
13 April, 2016

Why it’s good business for influencer marketing to embrace disclosure rules
Ketchum colleague, Stephen Waddington, has written about how the CMA is placing sponsors under closer scrutiny in a post UK government agency spotlights disclosure in online ads and sponsored content.
Scott Guthrie
12 April 2016

Professions and professionalism
Stephen Waddington, who used to do public relations for me when I was living and working in Europe, has just written a piece about professionalism and professional status for The Drum, in which he argues that there are five tests for a profession: barrier to entry, community of practice, body of knowledge, ethical framework, and continuous professional development.
Tim Barnes
8 April 2016

The Internet marketing workshop
A very smart and almost sickeningly selfless offering from Stephen Waddington of Ketchum, looking at how to use a host of free digital tools for campaign planning. The sort of ACTUALLY PRACTICALLY USEFUL stuff that you rarely see round here, so take the time to look through it as it’s very helpful indeed.
Web Curios
8 April 2016

So you think you’re a marketing or public relations professional? Think again
Marketing and public relations can have qualities of professionalism but they’re a long way from being professions, writes Stephen Waddington.
The Drum
7 April 2016

Media relations – not as you’d maybe know it
Stephen Waddington, Ketchum’s Chief Engagement Officer blogged only today about a UK government agency investigating disclosures of online ads and sponsored content. Apparently this is the third online marketing case investigated by the UK Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) in recent months.
7 April 2016

March 2016

10 years on, is Twitter still relevant?
Despite its many benefits, Waddington believes that in order for Twitter to play a significant role in PR and marketing it will need to change the way it operates. Twitter needs to become a sustainable business. It is innovating hard but there’s an irreconcilable conflict between the value it offers its users to build relationships and their own community, and the commercial value it had as an ad platform. My hunch is that it will likely be acquired by Apple, Facebook or Google.
22 March, 2016

PR Careers Event – 6 things I learned
PR professionals never stop learning. Professional development is key and without it, you’ll appear short-sighted. Don’t believe me? Ask Stephen Waddington.
Olga Diana
13 March 2016

Where social, digital and mobile are headed to in 2016
Facebook is very big in the UK. Now I know what you mean, Stephen Waddington, and I understand your fascination with it.
Iliyana’s Blog
14 March 2016

“Peak content” should act as a call to arms on content marketing – make it count
As my former colleague Stephen Waddington says; “There’s enough crap on the Internet already, don’t add to it.”
Silvester & Finch
10 March 2016

On PR influence and authority
Who’s more influential: PR theorist Professor Emeritus James Grunig, with 151 followers on Twitter, or former CIPR president Stephen Waddington with 18,262?
PR Academy
9 March 2016

What is modern Public Relations? 15 definitions from experienced PR practioners
Public relations is the practice of understanding the purpose of an organisation and its relationships within society. It is the planned and sustained activity of engagement between these two parties to influence behaviour change, and build mutual understanding and trust.
Prowly Magazine
7 March 2016

February 2016

45 life lessons at 45 – Stephen Waddington
45 was a tricky age for me – and the research shows that it is often the low point in peoples’ lives.  Stephen Waddington wrote a great blog post on the subject that attracted a lot of comment, so I wanted to catch up with him and hear his own midlife story.  Stephen is a PR executive juggling all the usual midlife demands – work, family, illness – and he is very candid about the challenges in his own life and how he has coped with them.
Midlife Men
18 February 2016

Public relations – not as you’d know it
Stephen Waddington’s post about The Independent’s digital-only move, states eight points about the future of news media. It lays out the whats and the whys.
Laura Sutherland
15 February 2016

What is PR? The professionals edition
Public relations is the practice of understanding the purpose of an organisation and its relationships within society. It is the planned and sustained activity of engagement. It is a two-way process by which an organisation communicates with its publics, and vice versa.
Arianne Williams, PR Professional in Training
15 February 2016

Want your agency to give you training? Then know your learning and development goals first
How are you planning to develop your skills over the next 12 months, and how can your organisation help?
The Drum
9 February 2016

Glassdoor takes clear aim at LinkedIn
Stephen Waddington, editor of Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals, says Glassdoor still feels more single-purposed than LinkedIn. But he adds it is a plaform that people “have started to take very seriously in [the last] 12 months”.
The Financial Times
4 February 2016

January 2016

Metrics, goals and a January epiphany
This weekend, I’ve had a sort of epiphany. It is January after all, so no better time! I read a piece on Friday night about social media and PR metrics in 2016 by the guru of all things both, Stephen Waddington. Regardless of whether you read on from here, you really should read the post!
Keith Lewis
25 January 2015

See beyond your age: 26 life lessons at age 26
So in a similar style as Stephen Waddington’s wise observations from middle-age, I’ve contributed some of my own life lessons below. Broadly categorised into the main things that matter in life; purpose, relationships, career, learning, approaching life.
Michael White
24 January 2016

Marketing and PR’s ‘always on’ culture is a mental health issue
In marketing and PR there’s no longer a clear distinction between work and play, day and night.
The Drum
22 January 2016

Simply biased?
A recent article by Stephen Waddington Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum PR asked a variety of women about the issue of representation. In relation to a crowdsourced ebook project he says.
“Only a quarter of the contributions are from women. This is despite me personally asking female friends, colleagues, and friends of friends, to contribute. It reflects the difference between men and women participating at industry events, blogging, and commenting in the media. But what can we do about it?”
Simply Communicate
22 January 2016

29 advanced digital newsletters that help you learn
Stephen Waddington – Prodigious. Agenda-setting. A must-read for any UK PR. I know two guys who put out quality blog posts every two days. Neil Patel and Stephen Waddington. In and around doing lots of other stuff. Makes me tired even thinking about this bloke’s work ethic.
Zude PR
21 January 2016

Marketing and PR’s ‘always on’ culture is a mental health issue
In marketing and PR there’s no longer a clear distinction between work and play, day and night.
The Drum
22 January 2016

30 experts predict top PR trends & changes that will define 2016
Much of the public relations business runs on Post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets. There are tools to optimise every area of workflow from listing and planning, to content and relationship management.
18 January 2016

FIR #18: PR earn a C- for channels and measurement
We look at Stephen Waddington’s Slideshare deck that offers 16 ways PR needs to change in 2016 (including “stop posting crap on the Web”).
For Immediate Release
18 January 2016

Predictions for the year ahead from comms professionals
Collaboration is the new normal, navigating ‘moments of truth’ and Pigs, lipstick and authenticity – predictions from Post*Shift, Tesco and Ketchum
Simply Communicate
8 January 2016

Listen up marketing folk. I need to LEI something on the line for you
I read some very wise words this morning from the ever insightful Stephen Waddington, who released his 16 trends for 2016.
The Drum
7 January 2016

Are you ready for Brand Vandals?
Internet-fuelled media is a game-changer for brand communications. You’re no longer in control – in fact, you never have been. Are you ready? I doubt it.
Brand Quarterly
4 January 2016

December 2015

Podcast: 2015 Review With Stephen Waddington And Vikki Chowney
Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington and H+K Strategies’ Vikki Chowney join the Echo Chamber podcast to review some of the year’s key PR themes.
Holmes Report
20 December 2015

November 2015

Corporate reputation is a pressure point in the fight for digital human rights
According to public relations experts such as Stephen Waddington, Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, corporate reputation on human rights issues is important for tech giants.
Open Democracy
22 November 2015

Omnicom moves Zócalo from Ketchum to Critical Mass
Zócalo Group CEO Paul Rand quietly relinquished his role as Ketchum’s chief digital officer and Stephen Waddington took on global engagement officer duties.
Holmes Report
17 November 2015

What I read and how I learn
Stephen Waddington [is one of the] most well-known [people] in the PR industry in the UK, always at the forefront of what’s going on, what the issues are, how to fix them and always coming up with awesome projects tapping into his community (e.g. #PRstack).
Iliyana Stareva
16 November 2015

PR bloggers
Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, Visiting Professor in Practice at Newcastle University and CIPR past President, Stephen knows every corner of the world of PR. His blog covers everything from social media to PR resources. His posts often invite discussion and are all well worth a read for anyone working in or studying public relations.
Arianne Williams 
16 November 2015

Highlights of Thinking Digital Manchester
Stephen pretty much said most of the things me and Marie talked about in our workshop the day before on increasing your personal impact. There were things which we had to cut short including lots about the Cluetrain Manifesto.
Ian Forrester
16 November 2015

Business Jargon to avoid
I read this wonderful post by Stephen Waddington, just a couple of days ago, and totally loved it. It was nice to reach out and touch some blue sky thinking.
Simon May
13 November 2015

Our words have a stock imagery problem
Stephen Waddington recently published a fun blog post about business jargon. He asked people which bits of business jargon they loved to hate and organised the responses into a structured list.
Evolving Influence
13 November 2015

Stephen Waddington on business jargon
Former president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Stephen Waddington has blogged a list of the worst examples of business gobbledegook.
Rob Skinner
12 November 2015

Eight areas of social & digital planning for 2016
As organizations around the world lay the groundwork for their 2016 plans, here are eight areas of focus in social and digital that I believe will be critical for the year ahead.
4 November, 2016

Thinking about Thinking Digital #TDCMCR
Stephen Waddington Head of Engagement for an organisation gave a whirlwind tour through some of the worst and best of organisational online presence.
Dr Bex Lewis
4 November, 2015

A bold step towards #FuturePRoofing PR
The community’s first order of business: launch a guide, exploring modern approaches to PR, for agency and in-house communications managers. 35 collaborator, 3 months, 1 book. Watch this conversation between influencer and project ambassador, Stephen Waddington, and project curator and editor, Sarah Hall for a little more background.
3 November, 2015

North East PR consultant Sarah Hall launches #FuturePRoof to map future of her industry
Billed as a conversation around the future of PR, the book brings together contributors from across the industry. Stephen Waddington added: “#FuturePRoof is an ambitious project. Its purpose is to explore the opportunity for public relations right now and in the next ten years.
The Journal (Newcastle)
3 November, 2015

#FuturePRoof: “The biggest ever conversation about the future of PR” launches
Edited and curated by public relations consultant and agency owner Sarah Hall, with a foreword from Ketchum’s chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington, the 33-chapter book covers a wide range of topics affecting the managers of communications teams and agencies.
Neville Hobson
2 November, 2015

Download #FuturePRoof book: The biggest conversation around the future of PR
It’s no easy feat crowd-sourcing a 200+ page book so a special acknowledgment goes to PR consultant and agency owner Sarah Hall who edited and curated the project. Also don’t miss the foreword by Ketchum’s Chief Engagement Officer, Stephen Waddington, who hints at a possible #FuturePRoof working community in the future.
Michael White
2 November, 2015

New book promotes PR role in driving business success
#FuturePRoof is an ambitious project. Its purpose is to explore the opportunity for public relations right now and in the next ten years” – explains Stephen Waddington Ketchum’s chief engagement officer who provided the book’s foreword.
Scott Gutherie
2 November, 2015

Edited and curated by public relations consultant and agency owner Sarah Hall, with a foreword from Ketchum’s chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington, the 33 chapter book covers a wide range of topics affecting the managers of communications teams and agencies.
Ross Wigham
2 November, 2015

Is it time to step away from the Grunig & Hunt four models of public relations?
But educators, students and even seasoned PR practitioners such as Stephen Waddington (who wrote his CIPR Chartered Practitioner paper on Grunig and digital communications) hone in on the 30+ year old framework.
14 October 2015

Global PR chief Stephen Waddington does it all from a Northumberland farmhouse (and a houseboat)
“I probably should be based in New York but I seem to make it work from Northumberland,” says Stephen Waddington, with a grin. […] His thirst for creating is insatiable. Not content with the international day job, the CIPR responsibilities and a visiting professorship at Newcastle University – Stephen also manages to find time tinker with crowdsourced resources for the PR world.”
The Journal (Newcastle)
4 October 2015

September 2015

Why publicity is public relations (and it’s all inherently amoral)
Nevertheless, as Stephen Waddington also points out, it usefully rehearses the big challenges facing public relations as a consequence of media fragmentation and important changes to the way we defer and trust (of which, as a former Edelman consumer CEO, Phillips is well versed).
Chalkstream Communications
21 September 2015

Why China leads the world in digital media
China’s digital market is a story of scale, innovation and raw energy. It’s a story of an internet supergiant. But it’s also a story of two halves: 50% of the 1.35 billion population benefit from e-commerce, social media and messaging, while the rest have yet to go online.
World Economic Forum
8 September 2015

August 2015

Stephen Waddington: the resurgence of PR in the shift to social business
At the top end you have organisations with a purpose that creates something like a religion that has followers who have absolute belief in that core purpose. At the other end you have functional organisations that sell stuff, and there’s various stages to be reached in between: so it’s not Yin and Yang, but more of a continuum.
30 August 2015

PR blogs UK top 10
Stephen Waddington: Stephen’s not letting go of the #2 spot either…and why should he when he’s got a lot to say! Stephen is partner and chief engagement officer for Ketchum, former president of CIPR, and author of#BrandVandals and Brand Anarchy. His blog brings to you all the latest in public relations, the media and social media. Stephen’s blog first started in September 2012.
26 August, 2015

What is influence, and how do we measure it?
Klout took a good run at the problem, but not everybody agrees that it’s a useful measure of influence. In a recent blog post by Ketchum’s Chief Engagement Officer, Stephen Waddington (Influence is more than a numbers game) several leading lights of the UK’s digital PR industry shared their largely unimpressed viewpoints on Klout. In the ensuing Twitter chatter, Stephen asked Sysomos to share our thoughts on the topic of online influence.
21 August, 2015

What will it take to make Amazon a great place to work?
For Waddington, who has watched many brands evolve under pressure, it is time for Amazon to grow up. “The organization can only drive innovation so far as a purpose,” he says. “[Amazon] will eventually have to come up with a higher purpose based on the communities it serves”.
The Guardian
19 August 2015

Another top 50 list of the UK’s marketing and advertising influencers
Social listening company Lissted have published an alternative list to Klout’s rankings, and it’s very different.
Brand Republic
10 August 2015

Klout: influence is more than a numbers game
Real life influence is far more complex than a simple metric, as the debate around a list of advertising and marketing professionals has spotlighted.
Brand Republic
10 August 2015

Klout: is this thing on?
Do you check your Klout score before getting out of bed each morning? No? Me either. So I was intrigued when Stephen Waddington, Partner and global engagement officer at Ketchum sent me a Direct Message Tweet asking for my comments on the use of Klout as a metric tool for social web influence.
Scott Guthrie
8 August 2015

Top 10 UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on social media
These are the most influential people on social media in the UK’s marketing and advertising industry, according to Klout.
Brand Republic
3 August 2015

June 2015

A whole #PRstack of good ideas
I’ve been moved to blog on the #PRstack project. Ingeniously conceived by the most excellent industry doer Stephen Waddington and supported by so many other PR progressives out there.
Jon Lonsdale
June 17, 2015

Reputation and responsibility: PR’s confident future
In a recent post the excellent Stephen Waddington claimed the PR industry lacks confidence. I agree with him. It’s also hard to get away from comments about the PR & Communications industry’s need to think and act like MBA’s and improve their knowledge of business.
Jonathan Bean
16 June 2015

PR and its’ fetish
This started life as a reply to a typically thoughtful piece by Stephen Waddington who wrote about PR’s Problem With Self-Confidence as it does battle for share of budget in a new era when the lines between media channels and who pays for that content to be both produced and appear are getting ever more blurred.
10 June 2015

How do you undermine the Islamic State brand?
Islamic State is emerging as a powerful global brand despite being a criminal enterprise and purveyor of brutality. It has achieved global media attention using consumer and corporate marketing tactics. These include branded products, celebrity figures, personalised advertising and social media. It is making full use of the range of social and traditional media.
4 June 2015

Kids do not ruin your PR career: our response
“We’re all working harder than ever irrespective of our personal situation. Our business is not perfect but we’re self-critical and strive continually for change.  There’s a role in public relations for anybody that has talent irrespective of personal situation.  I look forward to PRMoment’s guide to PR in the 1930s next week.”
Sarah Pinch
6 June 2015

Why China has a five-year lead in social media & ecommerce
Travelling in China gives a fresh perspective on the European and US internet markets.
1 June 2015

May 2015

Calling all PR people
Waddington argues: “Spin is dead and publicity may be dying but public relations, as a means of engagement between an organisation and its publics, is thriving”.
Automotive & Transportation
27 May 2015

Consumer behaviour myopia in ideas
Stephen Waddington even describes his behaviour on Facebook as ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’.
Renaissance Chambara
26 May 2015

Are you in-house, agency or freelance?
There’s a huge amount of variety in agency-life and no two days are ever different. You have the opportunity to be exposed to a huge variety of campaigns, media, professional practice and clients.
23 May 2015

10 Tips: the social media landscape in China
The culture, language and networks of China are vastly different than those in Europe and the U.S. And if brands want to thrive in the region, they’ll need to seamlessly integrate new forms of media as part of the customer journey.
22 May 2015

Free PR tools – PR stack e-book
Professional development doesn’t need to be expensive and to prove this point, former CIPR President Stephen Waddington (@wadds) and his team of 19 contributors have created a wonderful free e-book, My PRstack – A practical guide to modern PR tools and workflow.
PR Hub
21 May 2015

This was not the social media election you’ve been waiting for
As Stephen Waddington has already suggested, this was not the social media election you have been waiting for.
John Popham’s Random Musings
10 May 2015

The anti-social media election: digital can do much more for parties
“It was claimed that whoever won the social media campaign would win the keys to Number 10, which has been put into context by Stephen Waddington this week.”
Ben Lowndes
10 May 2015

Where social media won in the election (#GE2015)
“Whilst there were examples of good practice during this election, more could have been done. Local newspapers still seemed to be the primary mouthpiece of propaganda! […] It’s a point I believe Stephen Waddington makes in his post “Social media didn’t win anything”.
Thought Symposium
9 May 2015

April 2015

Ketchum EMEA: Agency Business Report 2015
“There were a couple of major people moves during the year related to the agency’s reinvention. Stephen Waddington was promoted to the newly created role of chief engagement officer, to support the agency’s integration of digital and social capabilities.”
PR Week
27 April 2015

10 lessons from Mad Men on running an agency
The final series of Mad Men kicks off on AMC in the US on Sunday. The box set should be required watching for anyone that works in an agency. It’s packed with insight on creativity, talent, management, and life itself. […] Here are some of my favourite lessons from the previous six series.
3 April 2015

March 2015

Meerkat and Periscope are fun apps but beware the sting in the tail
The need to embrace these apps quickly is clear. “If your audiences suddenly jump onto these new platforms, you’re going to miss out on the conversations that happen and the opportunity to drive traffic,” according to Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer of PR agency Ketchum.
The Guardian
31 March 2015

How PR’s workflow is changing
Public relations has not always been strongest at sharing. We must recognize that those actions that benefit the least well-equipped in the market will ultimately benefit us all. Competing on closed, proprietary technology and ways of working makes little sense.
PR Daily
26 March 2015

5 things you should know before getting a job in PR
“Blogging is the best way to consistently build your personal reputation in my view.”
Future Rising
25 March 2015

The Sarah Hall column: #PRStack – pick and mix PR tools under one roof
“I kicked off this project because I wanted to try and make sense of the market for tools, and continue to understand how public relations practice is changing,” said founder Stephen Waddington.
24 March 2015

Former CIPR president Stephen Waddington launches app to help PR industry
Ex-CIPR president Stephen Waddington has teamed up with news distribution start-up Prezly to launch a free online toolbox for the PR industry and a guide to using it.
3 March 2015

#PRStack aims to demystify the plethora of PR technology tools
Crowdsourced directory of third-party tools looks for PR industry support.
Holmes Report
3 March 2015

February 2015

Male PRs paid £8,500 more than women purely because of gender, report finds
Stephen Waddington, CIPR past president, said the findings reflected “a stark generational issue”, with senior practitioners resistant to modernity.
24 February 2015

Lego beats Apple as world’s most powerful brand
#brandvandals states: “For the organisation, engagement isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Brand vandals are forcing a level of dialogue that organisations, public and private, have never had to contemplate before.”
17 February 2015

Five Links On Friday: Cashing In On Fifty Shades Of Grey
A helpful list of things we know we shouldn’t do on social media but often still do anyway, courtesy of Stephen Waddington.
Pickle Jar Communications
13 February 2015

The Problem with ‘Trust Me, PR is Dead’
Former President of the CIPR Stephen Waddington tweeted this on Wednesday: “If something is called out as dead dying it is almost certainly changing and likely thriving but never ever dying.”
Paul Sutton
13 February 2015

PRin2015: Modernizing Public Relations Workflow
The single biggest issue challenging public relations agencies and communication teams in 2015 is overhauling skills and workflow. The majority of public relations agencies and communication teams focus on developing reputation with an audience via the proxy of traditional media.
4 February 2015

Review: Robert Phillips – Trust Me, PR Is Dead
As Ketchum’s newly promoted Chief Engagement Officer, Stephen Waddington puts it (far more eloquently than I have): “Spin is dead and publicity may be dying but public relations, as a means of engagement between an organisation and its publics, is thriving.”
Matt Silver
4 February 2015

How the Opportunity for PR is Shifting
‘The IPA Bellwether report speaks to the opportunity in our business,’ says Stephen. ‘It is shifting from publicity to influencer relations, branded media, community and social business. We increasingly have a role as a management discipline in every area of an organisation.”
f1 recruitment
2 February 2015

January 2015

2015 Trends in Europe: What 15 Social Media Experts Think
“Our news feeds are packed with brands trying to hijack a news event or own a moment. They don’t really care about what you think, but in 2015 they’ll have to. The brutal truth is that brands which fail to engage with their audiences on a social level will be ignored.” – Stephen Waddington
30 January 2015

2015 Trends in Europe: What 15 Social Media Experts Think
“Brands will truly become social in 2015. Consumers deluged with inappropriate content will fight back. Much of so-called content marketing is the equivalent of direct mail in the 90s and noughties – too often it’s inappropriate and spam.
27 January 2014

Where have all the UK PR bloggers gone?
Paul Sutton posted yesterday about the “Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Comms Bloggers“. In the post Paul highlights the apparent demise of marketing and communications bloggers in the UK.

I thought I’d investigate PR related blogs in particular. To do this I analysed the tweets from over 500 of the most influential members of the UK PR community over the last 60 days (c. 140,000 tweets all told).
Show me the numbers
26 January 2015

Ketchum promotes Stephen Waddington to chief engagement officer
Stephen Waddington has been promoted to the newly created role of chief engagement officer at Ketchum, in a bid to drive integration of digital and social capabilities.
PR Week
20 January 2015

Stephen Waddington Takes On New Global Chief Engagement Role At Ketchum
Promotion will see Waddington drive integration and innovation of digital and social throughout the agency’s network.
Holmes Report
20 January 2015

Stephen Waddington takes global role
Ketchum has promoted European digital director Stephen Waddington to the newly created global role of chief engagement officer.
20 January 2015

The Future of Branded Content Marketing: What Will Change – Part 2
Others, including CIPR’s (former) president and Ketchum‘s head of digital and social Stephen Waddington, believe that broader “content development” will move beyond marketing communications to “become the communication norm for all operational areas of an organisation”.
Best of Branded Content Marketing
9 January 2015

Achieving Peak Awesomeness in PR
Get up early. (Ketchum colleague, Stephen Waddington, @wadds)
Sorry, but successful PR people don’t lie around. Extra effort requires extra time, and that’s generally more available at the beginning of the day than at the end, so if you want to find a half hour for exercise, meditation or planning out your day, don’t hit the snooze button.
9 January 2015

Internal communications predictions for 2015
Stephen Waddington, European Digital and Social Media Director, Ketchum Public Relations
Brands will truly become social in 2015. Consumers deluged with inappropriate content will fight back. Much of so-called content marketing is the equivalent of direct mail in the 90s and noughties – too often it’s inappropriate and spam.
Simply Communicate
9 January 2015

December 2014

“Do what you are passionate about, not what you are good at”, says Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington
“I was one of those kids that was really good at technology and electronics and science and a little bit dyslexic, although that wasn’t recognised until I went to high school. Every early decision was driven by what I was good at, which was science and technology, but actually I would have been better doing something like English and History as that’s what I am more interested in. This is why I tell my kids do what you are passionate about, not what you are good at.”
PR Moment
10 December 2014

Social Buzz Top 50: Advice from the UK’s most influential individuals in social on breaking into the industry
“Set yourself up so that employers seek you out. You can do this by signing up to continuous professional development, developing a network of brands and people you want to work with, building your own profile by creating your own media and creatively illustrating how you understand the industry” — Stephen Waddington, director, Ketchum and president, CIPR
The Drum
8 December 2014

Flexible working must become commonplace to ensure the public relations profession keeps up with the changing business practices, writes Stephen Waddington
The single biggest issue spotlighted by the CIPR’s State of the Profession survey has been that, in 2014,the average pay gap between the sexes is £12,000.Whether you cut the data in terms of an average pay gap or an imbalance in seniority, it is unacceptable that men are, on average, earn more than women – even when performing the same roles. It’s shameful.
Communicate magazine
4 December 2014

November 2014

Twitter UK MD Bruce Daisley named Individual of the Year at the Social Buzz Awards
Stephen Waddington, director, Ketchum and president, CIPR ranked no 5.
The Drum
28 November 2014

The warning signs that you are working too hard in PR
It is vital to know yourself, says Stephen Waddington, European digital and social media director at PR firm Ketchum, because it is hard to recognise that you are working too hard: “Judging whether you’re taking on too much work can be very difficult, but it’s something you’ll need to master if you want to get on in most forms of occupation.”
PR Moment
26 November 2014

President becomes professor
Newcastle University has appointed CIPR President Stephen Waddington as a Visiting Professor of Practice in Public Relations. The Digital and Social Media Director for Ketchum Europe, Waddington advises clients throughout Europe and globally. A former journalist and serial entrepreneur, he is the 2014 President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, where he has led a bold modernisation programme over the last twelve months.
Behind The Spin
25 November 2014

Newcastle University appoints PR Professor
Newcastle University has appointed Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington as a Visiting Professor of Practice in Public Relations in the School of Arts and Cultures. His remit as Visiting Professor is to support the University through teaching, engagement with practice, and industry-led research.
25 November 2014

CIPR to produce and distribute its own content from 2015
President of the CIPR Stephen Waddington says, “This is part of the story of the fragmentation of media that has played out over the last 20 years. The CIPR already has strong owned and shared media channels, and through additional investment will be able to deliver better value and engagement to members.
Communicate magazine
18 November 2014

Once-in-a-generation opportunity to take the lead as a profession
There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to work in the PR business.
18 November 2014

North east new media rocks
“Amsterdam, Berlin and London may attract the headlines and the attention of European business media and venture capitalists but there’s no doubt in my mind that media innovation is booming in the north east, fuelled by inward investment, home grown talent and infrastructure.”
Northern Correspondent
10 November 2014

September 2014

New CIPR Council rings in governance changes
The PR industry is always changing and always adapting to new situations. It’s only fitting that the association that represents the industry is changing too. […]The recent elections for the CIPR Council were voted on by the entire electorate for the first time. […] The 28 members of the council appointed on Monday were elected by 1,100 voters, a 90% increase in turnout, year-on-year.
Communicate Magazine
26 September 2015

21 strategic leaders, 2 days, 1 beach…It must be Silicon Beach 2014
“Marketing is no longer the adrenaline fuelled one-way propaganda crusade it was once was; it’s about brand-customer conversations.” – Stephen Waddington.
Coco Creative
26 September 2014

How to modernise a PR agency or Comms team
Where should you start when thinking about modernising a PR agency or Comms team? What does that even mean? You’re in the right place to find out thanks to current President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Stephen Waddington. He’s just published a guide and it’s such a corker I thought I’d share it with readers of my blog.
All Things IC
24 September 2014

Stephen Waddington joins Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award judging panel
Stephen Waddington, director of Ketchum Europe and CIPR President, has joined the judging panel to find a worthy winner for this year’s Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award.
24 September 2014

August 2104

Why public relations must wake up to wearables
During the CIPR debate, its current president, Stephen Waddington, rightly said that in dealing with wearable and connected technologies the “only way is ethics,” a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree. Yet I wonder how well equipped practitioners are when it comes to deal with the ethical dimensions we will find ourselves exploring?
PR Conversations
7 August 2014

July 2014

PR is dead. Long live PR.
Stephen Waddington is Ketchum’s European director of digital and social media and this years president of the CIPR. In his books, speeches and blog posts he’s been emphasising the need for public relations to change.
Behind the Spin
15 July 2014

Public figures exploit ‘right to be forgotten’ at their own peril
Stephen Waddington, director of Ketchum Europe and president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, says the Merrill Lynch example demonstrates that “you can actually end up drawing more attention to content because the article isn’t actually removed from the Internet.”
PR Week US
11 July 2014

The Prolific Northerners 2014 – The Top 100
Although he originally trained as a journalist, Waddington is now a leading PR consultant and the current president of the CIPR. He established his name as the co-founder of technology specialist Rainier PR, eventually selling the £2.3m-turnover agency to Loewy, and then founded Speed before joining Ketchum in December 2012.
Prolific North
11 July 2014

House of Commons debate – is wearable tech an ethical nightmare for PR industry?
The existing ethical frameworks within the PR and communications are “efficient” enough to cover advances in wearable tech, CIPR president Stephen Waddington said during a House of Commons debate last night.
The Drum
8 July 2014

Stephen Waddington, #BrandVandals and the future of public relations
Reputation and trust is an outcome of good public relations. In my view, our future as practitioners lies in helping organisations communicate with their publics and foster a genuine dialogue. There is a secondary issue: Public relations shouldn’t be siloed as a department within an organisation. It should be part of every operational area of a business and be represented at the highest level of an organisation.
Tom Liacas
7 July 2014

CIPR President’s Report
I spent several years criticising the CIPR until I was invited to join the Social Media panel. That group, led by Rule 5’s Rob Brown, has been a strong catalyst for change. The happenstance of my term as president and Alastair McCapra’s appointment as CEO has given us a strong impetus and drive for change.
3 July 2014

June 2014

Collision Course: advertising, digital and PR new world order
How to navigate the new world order of comms was the topic of discussion at a Gorkana event this week, hosted by Ketchum’s Stephen Waddington. Joining him to debate were Telefónica’s Paul Fabretti; Sarah McGhie from Domino’s; Golin’s Neil Kleiner; and Farhad Koodoruth from Threepipe.
27 June 2014

Walking gives your ideas legs
Stephen Waddington, a director of the PR agency Ketchum Europe, was astounded by how many triggers Green found in the Tube trip between London’s Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations. “He told me to come with a creative problem, which was a situation I had with trying to build a community for one of my clients,” Waddington said. “We started travelling and around every corner he would pull out an idea or a source of inspiration.”
The Sunday Times
22 June 2014

May 2014

BrandVandals » de Steve Earl & Stephen Waddington
Avec « #BrandVandals », les experts britanniques Steve Earl et Stephen Waddington délivrent un ouvrage à lire impérativement par tout communicant qui se respecte.
Le Blog du Communicant
24 May 2014

Chadlington slams ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling as “unbelievable and strange”
The PR veteran was speaking to PRWeek following criticism of the European Court’s ruling by CIPR president Stephen Waddington, who said it would set the financial interests of the PR industry against notions of democracy.
20 May 2014

Right to be forgotten ruling will pit PR against democracy, says CIPR president
“[The] interests of society at large and the best interests of the [public relations] industry are pushing in the opposite direction, they are misaligned. In this day and age that is just not sustainable. Do we really want the financial interests of our industry to be counter to notions of democracy?”
15 May 2014

‘Legal action is needed to tackle the growing problem of slave labour with unpaid interns’
CIPR President Stephen Waddington has described this as ‘morally questionable’ and said ‘free labour has no place in any sustainable business model.
Wales Online
11 May 2014

April 2014

A glimpse into the future of branded content marketing
The CIPR’s president Stephen Waddington even sees branded content moving beyond marketing to become the communication norm across the organisation. But there’s some consensus that more risks still need to be taken before branded content truly lies at the heart of every strategy.
11 April 2014

Industry Responds to Financial Times ‘PR Is a Waste of Money’ Piece
The most positive point in her piece came from CIPR president Stephen Waddington, who said “as media fragments, communications becomes what everyone does within an organisation.” He followed up on that thought in a blog post today, writing: “…engagement requires professional expertise. Public relations has a role in listening and engagement in every department within a modern organisation.”
PR Newser
11 April 2014

Publicity is free with no PRs
Stephen Waddington, president of the Chartered Institute for Public Relations, says “As media fragments, communications becomes what everyone does within an organisation. Organisations need more guidance for a greater number of employees, he says. The role of the internal communications professional will be in the ascendancy as employees engage with external audiences,” he argues.
Financial Times
8 April 2014

We must get our equality house in order
It is absolutely shameful that the average pay gap between the sexes is £12,000, says Stephen Waddington.
8 April 2014

Packed house for social media event
Stephen Waddington, President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and European Digital and Social Media Director of global PR firm Ketchum, gave an insight into the changing world of communications. Telling the audience that 90% of all media interactions are now screen based and that people spend on average 4.4 hours per day of their own time in front of screens, Mr Waddington said: “There are no boundaries any more between an organisation and its audience. The world is transparent.
4 April 2014

CIPR survey: poorly paid internships are blocking students’ PR careers
CIPR president Stephen Waddington said: “The lack of fair pay for interns has wide ranging repercussions. It reinforces a growing concern that employers who refuse to pay interns could be depriving the profession of the most promising talent. ”
3 April 2014

March 2014

Ebook in a day – the day so far!
The second and third year PR & Communications students have already been working on their E-Book in a Day Project for four hours and it’s proving stressful, but successful (mainly to do with 45 people over-loading the Wi-Fi!). With motivation from CIPR President, Stephen Waddington, Richard Berry and Catherine Sweet, I’m excited to see how it turns out!
Solent PR
26 March 2014

February 2014

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #744: February 24, 2014
Latest CIPR ‘State of the Profession’ survey prompts a challenge to communicators from CIPR President Stephen Waddington.
For Immediate Release
24 February 2014

Get qualified if you want to be professional, says the CIPR
Public relations is at a crossroads, with an alarming contrast between the wishes of communicators to be regarded as professionals and an unwillingness to achieve formal qualifications.
CorpComms Magazine
21 February 2014

NETwitterati pair are appointed to senior CIPR positions
Stephen Waddington and Sarah Hall have been appointed to senior roles in the national body for public relations professionals, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
The Journal (Newcastle)
17 February 2014

Stephen Waddington: It’s time for PRs to be taken seriously
It is critical that the CIPR is relevant to members and the broader profession. That starts with the value proposition focused on professionalism. We are shifting the organisation to become a network that is more member-led and a truly social organisation. The CIPR is a UK-wide organisation and it needs to represent the interests of members beyond London. We need to invest in the network, not the central organisation. There’s a lot to do but we’ve made a good start.
3 February 2014

An interview with Stephen Waddington
“The [public relations] professional will continue to polarise between practitioners that are cracking on and using new forms of media to engage publics in a two-way dialogue and those that continue to spam journalists. The former have a great future in the business. The latter will be out of a job within a generation I’m afraid.”
Wes Hosie
3 February 2014

January 2014

Future proofing the business of public relations
The business of public relations is in massive upheaval as media fragments and organizations connect directly with their publics. It’s a terrific opportunity for anybody in the public relations business that is willing to embrace change. Yet all too often we get hung up about the future of the profession. Our colleagues in the advertising and digital have no such worries. They are getting on with it and taking our ground.
30 January 2014

Future skills, influence, Romans and cement
“It was great to hear from the new president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) at what was once the frontier of Roman Britain and talk through PR issues as varied as the Roman origins of social media and this week’s cement-gate on the London Underground. It was great to have such a senior figure in Newcastle, with Wadds making good on his commitment as president to empower the regions right across the UK.”
Ross Wigham
24 January 2014

A major overhaul of the CIPR is imminent
“The CIPR’s purpose as an organisation lies in shifting the business of PR from a craft to a profession. Its value is a royal charter commitment to drive up standards in PR and to work to improve the profession’s reputation.”
15 January 2014

Minter Dialogue Episode #85
“Successful repeat entrepreneur, author and prolific blogger, Stephen Waddington is now running Digital and Social Media for Ketchum Europe, part of the Omnicom Group. Stephen is leading the charge for the modernization and professionalization of PR practitioners. If you are interested in the evolution of PR, you’ll want to listen to what Stephen has to say.”
The Myndset Company
11 January 2014

#PRin2014: Top trends that will impact the industry in 2014
“But if we expect to take our place at the head of the table, PR pros need to learn from our colleagues in advertising and digital. Moving forward, PR pros need to stop getting hung up on the future of the profession and get on with taking our ground.”
10 January 2014

Mind your #BrandVandals employees
“Today, thanks to the Internet, communication between an organisation and its audiences can no longer be one-way: everyone has a powerful voice through which they can share their opinions. This is the subject discussed in#BrandVandals by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington. The book examines the impact that social media-empowered individuals can have on organisations, and proposes some answers for the future of organisational communications.”
Marginalia on Engagement
5 January, 2014

December 2013

Nigella Lawson should not be too worried about her career – she has all the ingredients for a comeback
“The story of Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi has played out as a pantomime at Isleworth Crown Court in London. Nigella needn’t be too worried about her future career. There’s a well-known recipe to restore her fortunes.”
Daily Mirror
2o December 2013

Stephen Waddington – the digital vandal
“My job is to make myself redundant.” With that Waddington meant that social should be the norm. We should not talk about it in terms of vandalism anymore, but see it as something that nicely integrates with our natural way of living and working.
Simply Communicate
20 December 2013

NEMO Conference 2013 Stephen Waddington #BrandVandals

NEMO Campus Helsingborg
19 December 2013

2013 Review: Top 10 Quotes
“If you fuck up, you know about it, but if you set a clear plan and strategy and deliver upon it, it’s good.”
Ketchum EMEA digital director Stephen Waddington breaks down the management style of his boss, CEO David Gallagher.
Holmes Report
19 December 2013

‘Brand Vandals’ by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington
“Most of all – and this is not surprising given their professions – Earl and Waddington call for brands to hire strong PR managers who can intervene at the highest levels to stop the company doing stupid, brand-damaging things in the first place. These communications professionals – like the strong-jawed fictional heroes of action thrillers – need to be creative geniuses with the diplomacy of Henry Kissinger and courage to face the full force of a social media broadside, armed with nothing but a little charm and humour.”
Financial Times
11 December 2013

CIPR unveils best practice guide for social media campaigns
Stephen Waddington, CIPR president 2014 and chair of the CIPR Social Media Panel, said: “This updated guidance from the CIPR is timely in the week that the UK Attorney General highlighted some of legal issues relating to social media usage. The document from the CIPR complements the Code of Conduct and provides pragmatic advice for practitioners related to the burgeoning area of social media.”
The Drum
6 December 2013

November 2013

Government digi comms reviewed
The CIPR has welcomed the report. On his blog, Stephen Waddington, CIPR president-elect and digital and social media director at Ketchum, said the review was “a bold piece of work that contains lessons for both the public and private sector.
15 November 2013

Independent review of Govt’s digital comms finds “pervasive lack of trust in staff”
“CIPR president-elect Stephen Waddington said that while the findings of the report were not surprising and would have been the same for any large organisation or business, the review was bold in its recommendations.”
15 November 2013

Beating the Brand Vandals
“As the rise of brand vandalism becomes a way of life, a new book by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington teaches brands how to polish their reputational shield and be battle-ready in 90 days.”
4 Novembers 2013

October 2013

7 ways to use Wikipedia like it’s meant to be used
“But the key thing to remember is Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It is not a media-publishing house nor is it an online business directory. It is a community of enthusiasts who are contributing to an open wiki because they feel passionate about a subject.”
Tech City News
23 October 2013

New Wikipedia editing furore provokes ire of CIPR
CIPR president-elect Stephen Waddington hits out after reports of Wikipedia abuse by US PR company. Waddington said: “There is zero gain to be had for any public relations firms or their clients in subverting the rules of any online community.”
22 October 2013

The PR Podcast with Stephen Waddington
“Yesterday British Gas was subjected to the full force of Twitter, after the firm hiked prices. Here, I talk to Stephen Waddington, co-author of a new book, Brand Vandals, on what PR teams can do to deal with the growth of online criticism.”
The PR Podcast
18 October 2013

Joined-up public relations
“Who are the experts in joined-up public relations? I’m sure there are many, but the following four people stand out for me because they’re not only doing it – they’re regularly sharing insights with the rest of us in books, blogs and talks.

“Stephen Waddington (@wadds). He’s co-authored or edited four books in the past two years, which would be a prodigious output for a research-focused academic, but is an astonishing one for a family man who’s a full-time PR consultancy director who has also been elected as CIPR president for 2014.
PR Studies
13 October 2013

The fight for social media control
“Stephen Waddington, author of Brand Anarchy, puts it in strident terms. In the area of social media, he states, ‘there’s a turf war taking place between advertising and public relations. And it is a war. The battle lines are being drawn by media change and audience consumption and the positions that advertising, public relations and digital assert.’”
11 October 2013

September 2013

El futuro de las relaciones públicas
“Resulta muy difícil valorar la cantidad de mensajes de comunicación y marketing a los que se expone diariamente un consumidor medio en Europa; podríamos hablar fácilmente de cientos de ellos. Lo único seguro es que, como las redes sociales ofrecen a los consumidores una exposición mayor y más directa a las marcas, esta cifra seguirá aumentando.”
Top Comunicacion
12 September 2013

August 2013

#PR – Ask the experts: Stephen Waddington AKA @Wadds, CIPR President-Elect & European digital and social media director at Ketchum
“The next person to take part in one of my #PR – Ask the experts interview is Stephen Waddington.  I have only met Wadds once which is quite unbelievable because I have known him for close to six years through his generosity on his blog and Twitter. He has always been a strong voice for our industry and I am pleased to say that he has decided to take this to the next level by becoming the president-elect for the CIPR.”
Paul Stallard’s blog
21 August 2013

July 2013

Rethinking the connected marketing future – part five
“Social media, like other digital marketing activities, generates massive amounts of data. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of measuring things for the sake of it. The only real way of determining the value of your investment is to measure outcomes. Everything else is a proxy at best. Organizations such as AMEC with its Social Media Valid Framework and Google with its Zero Moment of Truth are doing some good work in this area and helping us grow-up.”
Out Social Times
4 July 2013

Stephen Waddington: The £1bn opportunity that PR missed
There’s no mistaking Stephen Waddington’s passion for new media. As Digital and Social Media Director of Ketchum Europe, President Elect of the CIPR, acclaimed author and blogger, he spends his life banging the drum for digital PR…and with good reason.
The Works
4 July 2013

Rethinking the connected marketing future – part four
“The best way to build a reputation is to earn it. If your product or service doesn’t meet expectations, your customers are almost certainly already criticising it online. This is the story of Brand Anarchy.”
Out Social Times
4 July 2013

Social Media, PR and Brand Watching
Stephen Waddington and Giles Palmer give us an insight into how you find out what people really think of your brand and how social media can help you get elected to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
The Social Media Show
1 July 2013

May 2013

CIPR Members vote Chartered Practitioner Stephen Waddington to be 2014 President

28 May 2013

Who owns social media communication in a crisis?
“Prior to 2000, a crisis communication situation was led by broadcast; either radio or television news. It had both the audience and the air time to play out a story in real time. Newsprint, with its 24-hour cycle, followed with deeper analysis. In 2013, people at the scene share the news loaded with their own comment and opinion.”
PR Moment India
17 May 2013

Speaking up for the public relations profession
“The public relations professional has the most potent proposition for organisations. We work in an editorial environment, listening and creating a narrative to enable organisations to build their reputation by earning attention, rather than buying it.”
6 May 2013

April 2013

In conversation with Neville Hobson
Neville talks with Stephen Waddington about the Associated Press’ Twitter account hack and the implications for trust and security, should British politicians take notes from Barack Obama’s campaign team?, and Stephen’s perspectives on the international challenges for the PR profession.
For Immediate Release
29 April 2013

How is the skill set for PR changing
“The core facets of a good PR professional, such as planning and measurement, still need to be maintained. Yet as new technology continues to come into light, he feels PROs need to recognise that the emergence of digital opportunities and that they need to consider this when it comes to creating engaging campaigns.”
PR Moment
19 April 2013

Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison’s last great campaign
Emily Wilding Davison was a suffragette who died almost a hundred years ago when she fell under King George V’s horse at the Derby. Historians have debated Davison’s motivation for running out in front of a high profile horse race. My view is that she was a brilliant and brave public relations strategist and campaigner.
18 April 2013

CIPR Election: Two candidates go head-to-head
Stephen Waddington and Dr Jon White are standing to be elected as the next CIPR president. Waddington is European digital and social media director for PR firm Ketchum and is co-author of Brand Anarchy: Managing Corporate Reputation. Dr Jon White is a consultant in management and organisation development, public affairs, public relations and corporate communications management, and has worked in public and private sector organisations around the world.
PR Moment
12 April 2013

CIPR President: The Inside Story
“Our industry faces two critical challenges: getting to grips with media fragmentation, and shifting from a craft to a profession. I’ve developed ten action-led words and pledges as the heart of my campaign to tackle these two issues head-on. The CIPR is addressing the first issue of media fragmentation via the Social Media Panel, training, and initiatives such as Share This, and we’re making good progress on professionalism with the new membership structure and by putting qualifications and training at the core of the CIPR’s proposition.”
All Things IC (Rachel Miller)
8 April 2013

AMEC summit must take measurement message industry-wide
“The delegates in Madrid are likely to be amongst the foremost experts in the world on public relations evaluation and measurement. The challenge for AMEC is to ensure that the content and discussions from the summit reverberate around the world.”
International association of measurement and evaluation of communication (AMEC)
8 April 2013

March 2013

60 Seconds with Stephen Waddington
“What changes would you like to see happen in the PR industry over the next five years?
There are two big challenges we face as an industry. Shifting our mind set to engage with audiences in a two-way relationship across all forms of media and improving the reputation of the industry via professional development. There are no easy answers or short cuts and both will take time.”
Prospect Resourcing
19 March 2013

Blazing trails in digital
At the agency, Guthkelch will work with Stephen Waddington, European digital and social director. “Ketchum in their own right are amazing and Stephen has a fantastic reputation in the digital space. I’m really looking forward to working with him. It’s a perfect combo,” she adds.
Communicate Magazine
15 March 2013

How the “public” is being put back into PR
“Stephen Waddington, European digital and social media director at PR firm Ketchum, describes how the rise of mass media in the 1950s, and its ability to provide a shortcut to mass audiences, brought about a fundamental change in style of organisational communications. Public relations needed to focus on getting content in the mass media. But it’s all change now.”
PR Moment
14 March 2013

Public relations is on the march
“Social media is no longer a specialism within public relations. It is public relations. New start-ups are coming to market with disruptive models and large networks are modernising their service model. Communication and public relations teams are reskilling and adding new talent.”
PRWeek Blog
8 March 2013

CIPR appoints Stephen Waddington to chair social media panel
“The CIPR has announced the appointment of Stephen Waddington, European digital and social media director at Ketchum, as the chair of its social media panel.”
The Drum
6 March 2013

February 2013

CIPR CEO to step down
“Jane will leave the CIPR in great shape. It is unrecognisable from the organisation of old,” Stephen Waddington, member of the CIPR council, says. “She’s done a superb job reorganising membership to align with the market and promoting professionalism in the PR industry. Her legacy will be the CIPR’s leadership in areas such as internal comms, social and public affairs.”
Communicate Magazine
27 February 2013

Elementary my dear Watson
“We debate our vision and purpose while other industries crack on and reinvent the future. It demonstrates a lack of confidence in our value. That’s where the real need for change lies.”
PR Moment
25 February 2013

Google+ is an untapped PR opportunity for brands
Why is Google+ seemingly so quiet? That’s the question that everyone was asking at a CIPR Social Media workshop that I ran this week. 500 million people have signed up to Google+ according to stats published by the search giant in December 2012, and 235 million are actively using the social network.
PRWeek Blog
23 February 2013

Confidence Man
Two months into his Ketchum tenure, the Holmes Report finds Waddington in effusive form about “big brands and proper budgets”, dismissing any notion of ‘channel fatigue’ among clients in typically forthright manner. However, Waddington remains unmistakably concerned about the PR industry’s digital prospects, noting in a recent blogpost that a lack of confidence has seen it lose ground in the “turf war” against advertising and digital agencies.
Holmes Report
4 February 2013

January 2013

Flacks Week
Ex-Speed MDs and longtime chums Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington are collaborating on a follow-up to their book Brand Anarchy. All together now, ahhh …
11 January 2013

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