Wadds 1Where can I find you?

On the Internet. I split my time between home in Northumberland and work which is typically in London, UK, although increasingly further afield.

How do I reach you?

Please get in touch via Twitter, email or telephone. I’d love to hear from you.

Tweet: @wadds
Email: stephen dot waddington at gmail dot com
Phone: +44 (0) 7771 851407

Do you write sponsored blog posts?

No. But please tweet me or send me an email if you’ve got some content that you think I’d like. I love books, data, new tools, and news about the shifting relationship between individuals, organisations and media.

Do you accept ads?

No. See above. I do occasionally include an Amazon affiliate links to books or products that I blog about or mention. I’ve got my eye on a Kindle Fire. Its a long game.

Will you help me with my university research?

If I can, of course I will, especially if it’s on a topic related to one of my books, and the massive changes that organisations face in communicating with their publics. Please tweet or email me.

Can I reuse your content?

Unless stated otherwise anything that you find here is licensed to share and remix under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. Please be my guest and help yourself.

Would you speak or participate in my event?

I’m particularly interested in the relationship between organisations and their publics, typically citizens or customers, and how new forms of media can help or hinder. Please have a look at some of the things that I’ve recently done.


  1. Hello Stephen,

    Employee classification matters for both businesses owners and employees although some may overlook it. Businesses can face issues with the IRS for improper employee classification and employees may be getting the short end of the employment stick if they are improperly classified in terms of both pay and benefits. Wunderland has created a visual guide that provides useful information for both business owners and job seekers about the differences between being classified as an independent contractor vs being classified as an employee. The guide can be seen here ( It also covers what you need to know about job misclassification along with the risks of improper job classification and how to protect yourself at work. I was wondering if you might be interested in sharing this with your audience? Please follow up with me with any questions.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I would like to introduce you to our work on Perceptual Structure and how this unfolds to Perceptually Structured Communications.

    We have established the principle data structures and processes of information exchange operational in phenomenal field (experiential vision!). These have nothing to do with optical projection. Vision is entirely non photographically rendered. We (as biological systems) ‘generate’ visual and auditory perceptual space. We see the world in relation to ourselves.

    So in short we have developed a new form of illusionary space based on perceptual structure and we use this as the basis for perception AND communication. We term this new form of illusionary space Vision-Space as opposed to picture space.

    The issue is that non of our ICT’s and communications systems are perceptually structured! I have spent some time looking at your blogs and am surge that all of this ties in with your core interests in communications.

    Our research partner is currently Cardiff University (computer science and informatics). Vision-Space is setting out the fundamentals for a new discipline: Experiential communications.

    Could we hook up some time so that I can demonstrate the existing technology and then how this unfolds into communications?

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