Ambitious PR Company plan aims at City of London Livery status by 2020

Achieving full livery status would enable the PR Company to raise the profile of public relations as a profession within the City of London and beyond.

The PR Company has set out a bold plan to double membership and achieve full City of London Livery Company status within four years. It has agreed to target membership growth of 30% each year. This would enable it to increase its membership from 180 to more than 500, doubling its charitable fund to £300,000.

The City of London Livery Company movement exists to promote individual professions, trades and crafts, and support charitable endeavours.

The Public Relations Company was founded as a Guild in 2000. It was recognised as a Company without Livery status in 2012.

Promoting public relations within the City of London

The purpose of the PR Company is to promote the public relations profession within the City of London; contribute to society through charitable giving and work; promote education and learning in public relations; and support public relations practitioners through fellowship and friendship.

Public relations plays a critical role within the City alongside other professions, in supporting trade and investment. The Livery movement consists of 110 organisations including the Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants, Worshipful Company of Marketors and the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants.

The PR Company believes that achieving full Livery Company status would help raise the status of the public relations profession within the City of London.

“Public relations is an essential activity in the City of London. The UK is a world leader in the profession,” said Francis Ingham, Master, PR Company.

Membership drive: community, charity and events

Membership growth will be delivered through a sustained programme of activity, including events, industry relationships and member engagement.

Members of the PR Company, also known as Freemen or Liverymen, participate within the City of London community. Key highlights of the annual calendar are the City Action Group, Lord Mayor’s Show, Annual Sheep Drive over London Bridge, and the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

The PR Company also hosts an annual programme of its own events including a carol concert, black dinners in the City including a military dinner, and informal educational and network events.

It is actively building its profile and promoting the City of London with public relations industry organisations and media including APPC, CIPR, ICCO and PRCA.

Joining the PR Company

The PR Company is organised as a court of 22 people under the leadership of a Master and Court officials. Elections take place each year in October. I joined the court as a Court Assistant last year.

“Members join the Company for many reasons: some for the high-level networking, some for the events; every member gets the opportunity for closer involvement in the City of London and the chance to give something back on behalf of the public relations profession” said Ingham.

Membership of the PR Company costs £280 per year which includes a donation of £100 to the Charitable Fund.

The PR Company currently has 180 members and a Charitable Fund of £150,000. If you are interested in joining let me know.

Photo via Flickr by Christian Reimer with thanks.

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Stephen Waddington

Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University.

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