#FuturePRoof is back to assert the value of public relations

The ambitious crowdsourced project is seeking to start a conversation about its value with the public and the organisations that it serves.


Founder and editor Sarah Hall has lit up the #FuturePRoof community for a second time.

This time around, the crowdsourced project will look beyond the public relations profession and seek to engage the people leading organisations.

40 contributors have signed up. Topics for the second book include 24 hour working; social mobility; engaging publics in an organisation’s purpose; and the opportunity for public relations following the European Referendum.

Check out the full specification for yourself. AMEC’s Richard Bagnall; CIPR’s Rob Brown; and PRCA’s Francis Ingham are all among the contributors.

Kickstarting a conversation about the future of public relations

A year ago Sarah kickstarted a conversation with the public relations profession about its future.

35 thinkers and doers contributed essays on developing areas of practice including competency models; ethnicity and gender representation; and the value of the profession to organisations.

Academics worked alongside practitioners; agency alongside in-house; and public sector alongside private sector.

The self-funded project was published as a series of online articles; an ebook and print book. More than 2,500 copies of the book have been downloaded or sold.

Second time around

Sarah has reached out further, to practitioners around the world. Some of the contributors signed up at BledCom, the annual public relations research symposium, in Slovenia.

In the past 12 months the #FuturePRoof community has grown via Facebook and Twitter. Themes for the new project have developed along the way

A print and Kindle book will be published in September.

At a time when PR Week celebrates the European Referendum campaign, projects such as #FuturePRoof provide a counterbalance and offer an important lens to the value of our profession to the public, and the organisations that we serve.

It’s a project worth lining up behind. Join the Facebook community or follow on Twitter.

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Stephen Waddington

Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University.

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