CIPR President’s Q2 2014 report: Work in progress

This is my second report as President of the CIPR spotlighting progress against my original 10 pledges. I committed to report to the CIPR Board, Council, Groups and members, in this way at the end of each quarter.

You can access the Q1 report online and my Q2 report is embedded below.

Q2 has been characterised by a period of intense activity leading to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Manchester.

Vision and purpose

My aspiration for the CIPR in 2014 is to refocus the organisation around its vision and core purpose, as set out in our Royal Charter, as well as to shift the organisation towards being networked and member-led.

Members voted overwhelming in favour of the changes at the AGM. We will now seek approval for the changes from the Privy Council. The work to implement the reforms will continue throughout 2014 and 2015.

The report calls out progress on the governance reforms, as well as the CIPR’s shift to being more member-led and networked, financials, awards, the member journey, and activity against each of my pledges.

As I get the opportunity to travel around the country I continue to be delighted by the energy and motivation of volunteers from nations, regions and sectors throughout the UK. I owe them all my thanks for giving their time and energy to the CIPR.

The Q2 report is called Work in Progress. We’ve achieved a lot but equally there’s a lot more to do over the coming six months.

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Stephen Waddington

Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University.


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