Top 10 blog posts for July and lessons from the shift to mobile

At the end of each month I review the web traffic to my blog for the previous month in a bid to understand how visitors engage with content. I have been sharing lessons via my blog along the way.

This month I want to look at mobile traffic. Every piece of research points to a shift in Internet browsing from desktop and laptop PCs to mobile phones and tablets. But how is that impacting how visitors engage with my blog?

Google Analytics helpfully allows you to analyse visitors by device. In July almost a third of visitors to my blog came via a mobile device. 69% used a desktop or laptop PC, 23% a mobile phone and 8% via tablet.

Mobile phone visitors typically only view a single webpage per visit whereas PC and tablet users view an average of 1.6 pages.

PC and tablet viewers engage with the blog for the longest periods of time. PC viewers spend an average of 90 seconds, tablet viewers 52 seconds and mobile users 25 seconds.

The most popular mobile device used by visitors in July was an iPhone, followed by an iPad, Samsung SIII and iPod Touch.

The lessons are clear. Ensure that your website incorporates responsive features and that you’re writing content for mobile devices.

Many WordPress themes incorporate a mobile version or you can use a plug-in such as WPtouch. On the content front I wrote a blog post recently about writing for the small screen.

I’ll keep a track of the shift to mobile as an overall trend month-by-month. Meanwhile here are the top 10 posts on my blog in July.

  1. Haters gonna hate: dealing with negative comments online – dealing with anti-social behaviour online
  2. Grunig revisited: digital communication and the Four Models of Public Relations – an evergreen piece of content that remains popular every month
  3. Measuring the success of your blog using Google Analytics – using web analytics to deliver insights about your website
  4. Essay: The future of public relations – PR faces massive changes as media fragments and the Internet enables consumers to redefine their relationship with brands
  5. Guest post: NUFC, social media and Joe Kinnear 2.0 – guest post by lifelong Newcastle-supporter Tom Chaplin. He wants to engage with the club via social media, but finds the club shouting about branded duvets and luggage.
  6. Mark Hanson award: searching for the brightest young communicator – the deadline for the Mark Hanson award has closed for 2013
  7. Guest post: 10 essential skills for the future PR practitioner – Recent graduate Jarrod Williams shares his view of 10 skills for anyone looking to make their mark in public relations.
  8. Facebook Graph Search: making connections via things – a dummies guides to Facebook Graph Search
  9. #BrandVandals out October – Steve Earl and I have just put our second book called Brand Vandals to bed. It’s available for pre-order via Amazon
  10. Could we produce a public relations book in three hours? – an inspiring project by students at Boston University’s College of Communication under the direction of tutor Professor Edward Boches

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Stephen Waddington

Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University.

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