Top 10 blog posts for May and some insights from Google Analytics

It’s time for the monthly dig under the bonnet of the analytics for my blog. Each month I review the most popular content on my site in a bid to understand how visitors engage with the content.

All my statistics are up this month: page views, unique visitors, and dwell time. It’s almost certainly as a result of the recent CIPR election.

Two long form essays that I wrote about Grunig’s Excellence Model (September 2012) and the future of the public relations profession (January 2013) stubbornly remain in the top five posts for the month. Comments have long since been turned off on both of these posts to avoid spam, but students of the profession clearly continue to seek them out.

I added a popular content widget to the right hand sidebar in April. Each month I manually add the most popular blog posts for the previous month. This simple feature has become self-serving and traffic to these posts continues to rise.


Google is the most popular source of traffic via search followed by Twitter and direct traffic, both joint second. LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook bring up the rear.

Here are the top ten blog posts for May.

  1. CIPR Election: You made a difference, thank you – thank you to everyone that supported my successful bid for CIPR President 2014.
  2. CIPR new member offer: come and help build the future of the PR profession – a post-election CIPR membership offer. Sign-up before 14 June and the £50 joining fee will be waived.
  3. Essay: The future of public relations – a long form essay on the future of the public relations profession. It remains one of the most popular pieces of content on my site.
  4. Grunig revisited: digital communication and the Four Models of Public Relations – an old post from last year exploring whether Grunig’s models stands up in an era of digital communication.
  5. Guest post: Five reasons I fell in love with Google+ – a guest post by Steven Cole celebrating Google+. He reviews Author Rank, communities, places, hang-outs and mobile.
  6. Road testing the new Google+ features – a summary of the changes to Google+ rolled out during May.
  7. Speaking up for the public relations profession – it has become a sport for the public relations profession to beat itself up but there is a lot to be positive about.
  8. Google+ for public relations – more Google+ content. This is a slidedeck that I created for a CIPR workshop in Newcastle in May.
  9. Guest post: 10 essential skills for the future PR practitioner – a guest post by Jarrod Williams on public relations skills. It’s an issue that the CIPR Social Media Panel is examining.
  10. CIPR Election: Transparency and voice – two of my ten pledges from the CIPR election.

If you haven’t implemented analytics on your blog I would urge you to do so. You’d be surprised what it turns up.

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Stephen Waddington

Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University.

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