Social media for sceptics

My first blog for Ketchum explores ways of convincing sceptics of the value of social media.

There are still managers who have their emails printed out by an assistant and who don’t dabble on the Internet unaccompanied and there are also still organisations where social media is beyond the reach of the firewall.

Here’s a five-point summary to persuade laggards to take a look at the reputational impact of social media on an organisation.

  1. Crisis – a crisis event shines a bright light on communication processes and structures that aren’t fit for purpose. Communications needs to be transparent and in real time.
  2. Monitor – explore the conversations taking place on forums and social networks about your organisation, location or market. There will almost certainly be a reason that you need to join in.
  3. Search – head to Google and search for your organisation. This is what your customers and prospects will do. How does your organisation perform against its competitors?
  4. Influence – explore online influencers for your location and market. These may be journalists, public officials or business leaders. But they are more likely to be bloggers, or your own customers or prospects.
  5. Traditional media – look out for the stories that have been written about your organisation online and in the traditional media. What’s the reaction to stories in the comments? Your organisation should almost certainly be part of these conversations.

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Stephen Waddington

Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum and Visiting Professor in Practice, Newcastle University.

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